Science with Dr. RyanDid you know you can turn your kitchen into your very own science lab? Cody finds out more!
German Shepherd RescueLast week we met Ahsoka, and now we're learning about the rescue behind the successful adoption.
Deer Creek FarmsA local boutique has the perfect vintage finds for your home and is giving back to charity with every purchase.
Question of the Day - 2/11We close out a Throwback Thursday with today's Question of the Day: Hey, remember ______________? EVERYONE answers, and we head off to the Drew Barrymore Show! Thank you so much for watching today, we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Trivia Toast 2/11/2021Trivia Toast 2/11/2021
MatchmakerSkip the dating apps and get some professional help to kickstart your love life.
Country Corner - 2/11Here's something we haven't seen for a while, it's the Country Corner! Usually, it's Tina's Country Corner, but Cody is MOWING ON TINA'S LAWN today! Uh oh...we lost John...
Fragrant FarmhouseA local business is creating a comfy vibes with homemade candles in several different fragrances.
Auto Show Would-HavesGearheads now have something to look forward to as car shows are planning to return in some form this year.
Get the Dress Event - Triumph Cancer FoundationJulissa is showing us around the Get the Dress Event, benefiting the Triumph Cancer Foundation!
Do SomethingA club in Davis just launched a new campaign to help seniors in the community.
Movie Or Made Up? - 2/11 - Part 2John is back with another edition of Movie Or Made Up?, where we guess if his overly-descriptive synopses of Hallmark Channel movies are real, or a work of fiction only existing in John's brain. Let's find out...
Valentine's Day at Crooked Lane Brewing in Auburn!Get your loved one the perfect gift this Valentine's and sweets! Dina is in Auburn at Crooked Lane Brewing Company checking out what they have to offer!
Outdoor Dining Experience at DOCOEnjoy a different kind of outdoor dining experience with your very own igloo! Lori Wallace is at DOCO with a look at this "chill" experience!"
Curing Your Kids' Cabin Fever With The Toy Guy!Your kids might be stuck inside, but that doesn't mean their imaginations can't run wild! Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy, joins Court with some great ideas to keep your young ones occupied!
Chocolate Beer for Valentine's Day at Urban Roots BrewerySatisfy your thirst and your sweet tooth at Urban Roots Brewery this Valentine's Day! Ashley Williams is there showing us the uniquely flavored brews!
Valentine's Day MatchmakingStop wasting time getting ghosted on dating apps and find a deeper connection! Julissa is talking with Molly and Alison from Heart of California Matchmaking, and seeing if we can find a match for our own Ashley Williams!
Trivia Toast 2/10/2021Trivia Toast 2/10/2021
Birds Take Over a School!Leonardo Da Vinci Elementary is putting a new spin on their curriculum!
Valentine's Day at The HyattIt's the season of love and The Hyatt is ready to help you celebrate!
Highland TitlesIf you've ever dreamed of becoming a Lord or a Lady, now is your chance!
Mather SaleLori checks out some local businesses at the Mather VA Hospital Sale.
Question of the Day - 2/10We cap off a Wednesday with Court's Question of the Day: What was your last selfie? So it's kinda like Show and Tell again...hey, have a great Wednesday! We'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Valentine's Day Magic With Roman Spinale!Roman Spinale never ceases to amaze with his magic here on Good Day! He joins us for some Valentine's Day magic, and has Cody, John and Court participate in today's illusion! Also, this might be the longest segment in Good Day history! It's worth the watch!

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