Callie Wirth is a self-taught metalsmith. She started her business after making jewelry for coworkers when (they all lost our jobs due to covid). Someone shared it on Instagram and people started to ask her to make them jewelry as well, and here we are! She works with sterling silver, 14k gold filled and brass. Living the absolute dream!

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The RefreshAre you looking to freshen up your pad? We're in Lodi at The Refresh and they have what you need to remodel and freshen up your house!
Trivia ToastCheck out today's Trivia Toast!
NixtacoDo you like Mexican Food? Julissa Ortiz is in Roseville at Nixtaco and they're showing us what delicious dishes they have for you!
Dave's Pumpkin Patch in West SacramentoIt's fall now, so that means it's time to get out to the pumpkin patch! Lori Wallace is at Dave's Pumpkin Patch in West Sacramento taking a tour!
Haus of MayeWe're in Cameron Park and we're talking to the creator of Haus of Maye, as she shows us how to make you house smell like the new season. Learn how to make pleasant aromas to get your house to smell wonderful!
The Refresh Home DesignLooking for a new vibe in your home? "The Refresh" can help! Stacy and Tracci join Courtney to show us how!
Dave's Pumpkin PatchLori Wallace is in West Sacramento giving us a sneak peek of Dave's Pumpkin Patch. See what fun activities they have for you and the kiddos, which include shooting pumpkins out of a cannon!
Teletubby Wave!Cody talks to a gentleman that set up the Teletubby Wave! See how he got 40 Teletubbies to do the wave!
The Salt MineJulissa Ortiz is in Lincoln at the Salt Mine showing us what products they have to help those in need.
Shoes For SacLori Wallace is in Downtown Sacramento with a pair of runners that are helping the community. See how running a marathon BAREFOOT will help those in need.
Making an Apple Galette with The Gypsy Cowgirl!We're back in the kitchen with the Gypsy Cowgirl, this time she's showing us an amazingly easy-to-make apple galette!
Court's Fashion Forum Pt. 2, 9 am - 9/27More fashion looks from The Tony Awards!
Local InfluencerDanielle Donohue truly enjoys sharing her life. Her home is listed on which means people can rent it out for photo shoots, bridal showers, reunions, etc! She shares about it on her Instagram page where she shares a ton on home decor and everyday life of her family! She collaborates with a lot of people in the area for services such as hair, lashes, home decor, facials, etc. She loves to meet and connect with people in the community!
Gypsy Cowgirl Kitchen - 9/27Gypsy Cowgirl Kitchen's Bambi Porter teaches us how to make EASY applesauce AND how to freeze it. It's all about apples today!
Trivia Toast - 9/27It's the latest game show that is sweeping the nation!! Court quizzes us in today's Trivia Toast!
Court's Fashion Forum Pt. 1, 9 am - 9/27The Tony Awards were Sunday night! It is now time to dish on the fashion in Court's Fashion Forum!
Happy 50th Birthday, Michela!Today is Michela's 50th Birthday - her sister posted on Nextdoor that because of the pandemic Michela hasn't been out and about in 18 months. She loves her Birthday and would love some cards. Rover went over to meet with her sister outside the facility where she lives to get some Good Day goodies to give to Michela for us. We will talk to her sister and meet Michela!
What the Heck is That?? 9am - 9/27We have Randy from Emigh Hardware to help us figure out WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?? Can our Good Day Players properly identify various hardware items?
What the Heck Is That? - 9/27, 8amRandy Aspinall with Emigh Hardware joins us to play another edition of "What the Heck Is That?," where he picks random items available at the store, and everyone tries to guess what it's use is!
The Sugar FiendIf you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, this bakery will hit the spot! Lori Wallace is with Priscilla Ly, the baker behind "The Sugar Fiend!"
Summer Watermelons at Perry & SonsNow that we're officially into fall, the last of the summer watermelons are coming to harvest! Your Produce Man, Michael Marks, is at Perry & Sons in Manteca checking out the last watermelons of the year!
Flowers in DesignOne local floral designer just launched a program to help brides DIY their big day! Ashley Williams visited with Kim Oosterman of Flowers in Design learning more.
Sing it to Me - 9/27Can the Good Day Players finish the lyrics to this Journey hit?
Michael MarksThe last of the summer watermelons are being picked this week. Michael Marks visited the farms of George Perry and Sons, one of the largest watermelon growers in California.

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