Earlier, Dina Kupfer introduced us to a local child model, "The Amazing Ariel" and how she was a part of the "Wear Red To Give" campaign. Now Dina shows us other modeling projects Ariel was a part of.

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Question of the Day - 2/24Tina closes out a Wednesday with today's Question of the Day: What TV competition show would you like to be on? Thanks for watching today, we appreciate it! See you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
La Mesa RV - Let's Hit the Road!As things slowly return to normal, people are starting to think about getting back out there and vacation. And what better way to hit the road than in an RV? Alex Dakin from La Mesa RV joins Dina again to show us another luxury RV!
Renegade Dining - "Cutthroat Kitchen" ContestantA Sacramento native cooked up some dishes on Food Network's "Cutthroat Kitchen," and you can FINALLY see the episode on the Discovery App! Tina is with Dennis Sydnor Jr., who is cooking with Renegade Dining now, to tell us about the show and show off what he's got cooking at his new gig!
Spring Break RV's at La Mesa RVHit the road on wheels of luxury for your next vacation! Alex Dakin from La Mesa RV in West Sacramento joins Dina Kupfer to show us the latest and greatest RVs!
Word Up Wednesday with Marshall Harris - 2/24It's a game we only play on Wednesday, and it's a rare Good Day appearance for CBS13 Sports Director Marshall Harris as we play "Word Up Wednesday!" "Word Up Tuesday" just doesn't roll of the tongue as easily...anyway, Marshall has a new word to bring Cody, Court and John to try and use in a sentence, and the results are, as usual, mixed...
DBS Elite Training - Ashley Improves Her Hoop Skills!Youth sports are slowly getting back to normal, and there's a way to keep your kids basketball skills sharp! Ashley is in Elk Grove with Dennis Bruner from DBS Elite Training to find out how, and also brush up her skills!
True GameAshley Williams is in Elk Grove and she shows us how your kids can train to be a pro baller on the court.
MOSAC Summer CampJulissa Ortiz is at one of Sacramento's landmarks near downtown. Now known as MOSAC (Museum Of Science And Curiosity), Julissa shows us how the kiddos can be a part of their summer camp BEFORE the museum opens!
Wanderlust Mobile Beauty ParlorA hair and makeup studio is hitting the road! Julissa is with Amanda from Wanderlust Beauty Parlor, a mobile salon that will come to your event! What a great idea!
Weird World of Sports - 2/24Here's a segment we haven't seen for a while! John is here with a new edition of Weird World of Sports! Football...in the snow? And something called "ear-pulling." Sounds weird, let's see!
Team Luk3 Foundation - Helping with Children's Brain InjuriesMarch is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and Court is talking withTim Siegel, the creator of a foundation helping families of children with brain injuries. Tim tells us about his son Luke, and how you can help the Team Luk3 Foundation to raise funds to help.
The No Recipe CookbookCody talks to the author of "The No Recipe Cookbook"
Twin Peaks Orchards in NewcastleA local family-owned orchard has been in the fruit game for a long time! Lori Wallace is in Newcastle at Twin Peaks Orchards to show us around!
Serving the Future and Expanding Healthcare WorldwideA Bay Area doctor is helping others around the world gain access to healthcare. Dr. Bhavya Rehani, CEO and co-founder of Health 4 The World, joins Dina to let us know about the program!
Crafts of Care Masks for Cancer PatientsLori Wallace is in North Highlands where a Sac State graduate is making hand-sewn masks and her donations are to benefit cancer patients.
UC Davis GreenhousesWe're at UC Davis taking a look at their greenhouses and what they're growing in them!
Blu Nile ArtAshley Williams is in Sacramento at Blu Nile Art showing us what cool art projects and items they have there!
Twin Peaks OrchardsLori Wallace is in Newcastle at Twin Peaks Orchards where they're getting ready to harvest their crops!
Sing it to MeToday's Sing it to Me...Bust a Move
Question of the Day with AFTER-SHOW BONUS CONTENT! - 2/23Tina's here to close out a Tangent Tuesday with her Question of the Day: Name something minor that frustrates you? Everyone answers, and then Cody, Court and John just keep going when the show is over...THE SHOW IS OVER! Why are they still going? (Director's Note: everything after the 2:45 mark of the video is post-show) Have a great Tuesday everyone, see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Right Into the Horse's Mouth!This is National Pet Dental Health Month (bet you didn't know that one!), and Tina is at Shingle Springs Veterinary Clinic with equine dentist Steve Pfitzner showing us how they keep horses' teeth clean! It really is fascinating work, but maybe a little TOO involved for Cody, Court and John!
Slap You With Science! - 2/23Professor Doctor Laird Cody Stark (it's different today!) joins us fresh from the lab to Slap Us With Science! Sounds from Mars! You've been counting your dog's age wrong! Netflix wants to read your mind! And we may have come up with a whole new segment...all in just the 5 minutes it took to do this bit!
Rover, Come Over!Our Photographer/Rover Driver Dave Grashoff got a tip from a viewer about some huts made from mulberry tree branches on Westacre Road in West Sacramento! So we sent Rover Over to check it out! You can have Rover Come Over, too...send us an email to goodday@kmaxtv.com if you have something interesting for Dave and Rover to see!
Trivia ToastToday's Trivia Toast: Goats! Baaaaaaaaaa

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