One brand new food truck is hitting their first event and they will be serving fresh pasta! Ashley Williams visited Pasta A La Mode today to see how its owners came up with the idea and where they will be!

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Question of the DayToday's Question of the Day: What are you saving up for?
Art by Nestor MendozaEarlier, Julissa Ortiz introduced us to local artist, Nestor Mendoza. He showed us a print he made of President Biden and Vice President Harris made by time stamping the images. This time he shows us other forms of art he makes!
Trivia ToastToday Trivia Toast: Cheese. Test your knowledge about cheese!
Inauguration ArtJulissa Ortiz is with a local artist as he shows us his Inauguration Art and the creative ways he makes his pieces.
Folsom's Original Blue/Red CrewCourtney talks to one of the organizers of Folsom's Original Blue/Red Crew and how they support local law enforcement, fire crews, and others involved with the protection of people.
Get Your Girl Scout Cookies Pt. 2It's almost that time of year again! Lori Wallace is in Sacramento with a local Girl Scout troop and she shows us how you can get your Girl Scout Cookies this year, despite being in the pandemic. They also mention which cookies are going away and what's their new cookie!
Show and TellCheck out today's Show and Tell
Get Your Girl Scout Cookies!It's almost that time of year again! Lori Wallace is in Sacramento with a local Girl Scout troop and she shows us how you can get your Girl Scout Cookies this year, despite being in the pandemic.
Underground BooksAshley is at Underground Books in Sacramento, and in honor of Black History Month, she shows us what books we can all read and learn about this historic month.
Oh Slap!Courtney talks to the author of the book, "Oh Slap!", Lori Gentles and how you can make better choices in this new year.
Sinful TreatsLori Wallace is in Elk Grove at Sinful Treats where she shows you what sweet and tasty treats they have that you can order online.
Are You Ready For Some Footgolf?!Julissa Ortiz is at Emerald Lakes Golf Course in Elk Grove where she shows us the sport of Footgolf! See how you can get involved in this fun sport!
Haven Pregnancy and Birth CenterAshley Williams is in Sacramento at Haven Pregnancy and Birth Center where they help and support pregnant women during their prenatal period.
Question of the DayToday's Question of the Day: Who is the one person you remember in elementary school?
Wiki Who?In today's edition of Wiki Who?, John Dabkovich gives you your choices of the "Patricks"....Patrick Steward, Patrick Dempsey, or Patrick Ewing.
The "Preserve"Dina is in Winters at the "Preserve" where they offer delicious dishes that you can order on their app and they have an awesome bike delivery service.
Emma NortonCody talks to Tik Tok superstar Emma Norton about make-up, being a Tik Tok star, and people sliding into her DM's.
"Falling Prices" New LocationLooking for the BEST BARGAIN in town? Look no further, Julissa is at Falling Prices at their new location, showing you the best deals in town.
Shan-E-Punjab Restaurant and MarketCourtney talks to the owner of Shan-E-Punjab Restaurant and Market in Stockton, where you can get take out from the restaurant or go to their market and buy the ingredients and make the tasty dishes yourself!
Trivia ToastTest your knowledge about POPCORN on today's Trivia Toast
Show and TellSee what the anchor's want to show you!...Except John, he was unprepared.
Cooper's Coffee HouseLori is at Cooper's Coffee House in Folsom and they show us how the community came together to help this local business stay in business and what cup of Joe's they have available.
Food Curriculum For COVID PandemicCourtney talks to the Academy for Hospitality Arts and they tell us about the courses they offer to aspiring businesses to open during the pandemic.
The Pie WitchJulissa is in Elk Grove and she talks to the Pie Witch, which is the new spot in town where you can get the best and most delicious pies!

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