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Question of the Day - 11/23Tina's here with a question for Monday...Who would you like to sit next to at an awards show like the AMAs? Have a great Monday, everyone! Be safe, and we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Show and Tell - 11/23Cody has today's Show and Tell, a unique website recording people's screams. Everyone has fun with it...
Fashion Forum, 10am - 11/23Court's back with today's second edition of Fashion Forum! More from the AMAs as everyone gives us their opinion!
School Meal Distribution - VacavilleThe Vacaville School District is working overtime this week to distribute meals to students in need while they're on Thanksgiving break. Dina Kupfer is at Jepson Middle School to tell us about the program.
Scarlata Farms Cellar - Healthy Holiday SidesThe key to a well-rounded holiday meal is making sure there's healthy options on your menu. Kim Scarlata from Scarlata Farms Cellar in Tracy joins Tina to show us a recipe!
Check This Out - Holiballs!Tina has some...interesting holiday decorations in today's Check This Out. They're Holiballs, giant inflatable ornaments!
Fashion Forum, 9am - 11/23The American Music Awards were Sunday night so it's time to dish in Fashion Forum!
Scarlata Farms CellarScarlata Farms Cellar offers a wide variety of specialty foods and award-winning olive oil. Tina Macuha spoke with Kim Scarlata live about building a charcuterie board!
Shop Local, Roseville: Fig + IvyFig + Ivy is a size inclusive women's clothing boutique founded in 2018. Julissa Ortiz is keeping it local and paying them a visit!
Trivia Toast - 11/23It's the other game that's sweeping the nation! Courtney Dempsey is testing our knowledge in today's Trivia Toast!
Food Bank of Contra Costa and SolanoThe need is greater than its ever been this year when it comes to keeping food on the table. Dina Kupfer visited the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano to see how they are preparing for the holiday surge.
What the Heck is That? 9am - 11/23We've linked up with Randy from Emigh Hardware once again for another game show that's sweeping the nation: What the Heck is That?
What the Heck is That? - 11/23It's the latest game show SWEEPING the nation (we have a lot of those), it's time to join Randy Aspinall from Emigh Hardware to play another round of "What the Heck is That?"
"Terra Cottage" - Shopping in RosevilleJulissa's Roseville shop local tour continues at Terra Cottage on historic Vernon Street in Old Roseville!
"An Iliad" - Prospect Theater Project in ModestoAn ancient tale and the modern world are coming together in a captivating theatrical experience. Jack Souza from the Prospect Theater Project in Modesto joins Tina to tell us about it!
Shop Local Roseville: Sparrow 5Julissa Ortiz is in Roseville keeping it local and getting some holiday shopping done at Sparrow 5!
John Says "Whip" Pt. 2John Dabkovich does a whip and a nae nae.
John Says "Whip" Pt. 1John Dabkovich is back and is critical of the placement of the "H" in the word "whip."
Sing it to Me - 11/23Let's see if the Good Day Players can sing this contemporary Mariah Carey hit!
7:10 Toast - 11/23Happy Monday everyone! Fill up your beverage vessels and toast to Monday!
Thank You, Raley's!Thank You, Raley's!
Raley's Thanksgiving - 10am, Part 1Finish that amazing family meal with a delicious dessert!
The Gypsy Cowgirl, Part 2The Gypsy Cowgirl joins us once again with more kitchen gift ideas you can make for friends and family.

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