Author Chelsey Brown released a brand-new book from publisher Simon and Schuster. It is the first book to address decorating small, rental spaces and is available through Amazon: Rental Style.

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Dance PartyHere's today's Dance Party! Get down!
Question of the Day 4/16/2021Question of the Day 4/16/2021
Aloha Friday - Jo Koy - 4/16/2021He's a half-Filipino comedian who has performed all over the world, as well as your television. Now he's written a book, and Jordan learns more.
Housing the Homeless, Part 2The city of Fairfield and a local church have developed a new program with the goal of helping the homeless with housing and job training. We check in once again to find out more.
Housing for the HomelessThe city of Fairfield and a local church have developed a new program with the goal of helping the homeless with housing and job training.
Trivia Toast 4/16/2021Trivia Toast 4/16/2021
Teacher Bre's ShopSome extra time at home resulted in a new business for one local teacher.
Lloyd's Recreational RentalsIf you've got the need for speed but you also want to cool off this summer, get ready to hit the lake!
The Pack Test, Part 2Ashley tries on The Pack.
The Pack TestFirefighters are preparing for the fire season with intense training, including something called "The Pack Test".
Wiki Who? 4/16/2021Wiki Who? 4/16/2021
Grinding GroundsA mobile coffee truck in the 209 is offering a number of delicious items to choose from.
Sterling Caviar, Part 2Sterling Caviar is raising perfection, sustainably, and it's happening right here in our area. Julissa suits up!
Carousel ExhibitA Folsom art gallery is offering guests a new exhibit to enjoy this weekend. Lori heads to Gallery At 48 Natoma to see what's up.
Friday Freshies 4/16/2021Friday Freshies 4/16/2021
Sterling CaviarA Sacramento-based company is a leading producer of sustainable California White Sturgeon and caviar, and we take a look at the facility.
Dancer Heading to JuilliardA local dance student is headed to Juilliard.
Together Through DanceA local dance organization is reaching out during the pandemic.
Question of the DayToday's Question of the Day: With places reopening, where is the first place you'll travel to? In a rare event, QOTD hosted by Director Jonathan Meris...And why did Jordan ask him about feet?
Hella Happy Box SubscriptionA new subscription box won't just make you happy, it'll make you Hella Happy! Julissa Ortiz is with Tori Steele, the owner of Hella Happy Box, to show us what they're all about!
Pink Boots Society Collaboration BrewA local tap room will be serving up a special brew this weekend, for a great cause! Lori Wallace is at Capitol Beer and Taproom in Sacramento finding out more about the event!
Wiki Who?It's time for WikiWho?! John Dabkovich selected 3 of the richest individuals on this planet for you to choose from: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Mark Cuban. Who's who? Special guest appearance by Director Jonathan Meris.
Ride the Bus With Ashley!UC Davis is in need of bus drivers, and this is the last week to apply! Ashley is at the Unitrans bus yard in Davis, getting shown the ropes on what it takes to be a driver!
Get Organized!We're with Pam The Organizer and she's showing how to get organized for Spring!

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