You can support local businesses and enjoy a cup of Joe at Fourscore Coffee. Kevin Hernandez was in Roseville with a preview!

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Solano Baking CompanyWe're in Dixon at Solano Baking Company and in the spirit of fall, they have EVERYTHING pumpkin. See what sweet treats they have for you!
Trivia ToastCheck out today's Trivia Toast.
Natural Disaster PreparednessWe talk to a representative from FEMA and he explains the importance of being prepared in the event of a natural disaster. Learn what you can do to be prepared.
Fall CocktailsIt's a new season, and we're talking to Flawless about making Fall Cocktails! See what flavors pique your interest.
"Unsettling Toys" - Rehoming Your Creepy Toys!Do you have some dolls or toys hanging around the house that just creep you out, but you just KNOW there's someone out there who would give them a home? Unsettling Toys is here to help! The minds behind the website join Cody to tell us more, and maybe bring a few "friends" with them!
Miss Bake-A-Lot Mobile BakeryShe's been serving up tasty treats for a while, and now she's going mobile! Julissa Ortiz is with Missy Sanchez, aka "Miss Bake-A-Lot," checking out the new truck and maybe getting a sample or two!
Elk Grove Historical Society - We Take A Tour!They've been closed for most of the pandemic, but that doesn't mean they weren't working to add new additions! Lori Wallace is at the Elk Grove Historical Society as they reopen to the public!
Display California - Let's Shop!"Display California" on Brodaway in Sacramento has a little bit of everything to scratch that shopping itch! Ashley Williams is there checking it out!
2B Glass Pumpkin PatchJulissa Ortiz is in Orangevale showing us glass pumpkins! See how they make pumpkins out of blown glass!
Goat Playpen at Spenker Family FarmLori Wallace is in Lodi at the Spenker Family Farm and they have goats for you to pet and cheese for you to taste! See how you can see these adorable creatures while tasting cheese!
103-Mile Runner!Meet Lisa. She likes to run. She ran 103 miles in 35 hours! Hear about her adventure and how she got it done!
Question of the DayHere's today's Question of the Day. "What kind of bread do you like with your sandwich?'
New Products at Corti Brothers Pt. 2Tina Macuha is at Corti Brothers where they're showing us their newest products for this new season! See what they have for you!
Florida...ManIt's another edition of "Florida...Man". Where you decide whether or not these crazy event happened in Florida or not.
New Products at Corti BrothersTina Macuha is at Corti Brothers where they're showing us their newest products for this new season! See what they have for you!
Flowers In DesignThanks to Flowers In Design for delivering their beautiful flowers to freshen our studio!
Trivia ToastCheck out today's Trivia Toast!
"Let's talk about your heartbeat"We're joined by musicians and physicians about keeping you in tip top shape and getting your heartbeat checked! See how one doctor's appointment can save your life!
Dina feeding John!As you know, Dina Kupfer is an expecting mom. With that said, she needs practice feeding her baby! See how Dina practices feeding John Dabkovich yogurt!
All Kid's Art ShowDoes you kid like to paint? Check out this All Kid's Art Show where all the art is created by kids! It's truly an inspiring event for your kiddos!
Paint with Creatively CarrieDo you like to paint AND party? If you do, you're in luck! We're with Creative Carrie and she's having a paint party! See how you can attend one of their paint parties!
Movement Brewing Company Anniversary CelebrationMovement Brewing Company in Rancho Cordova have made it through a year, and they're thriving! They're also having a big anniversary celebration this weekend, Lori Wallace is there getting the details!
Dive Bar is Re-Opening!We're back at an iconic bar in Sacramento: Dive Bar! Ashley Williams is there giving us a sneak peek of their re-opening!
Brite Ideas - Redecorate Your Home For Fall!They have a warehouse full of inventory that you can redesign your house with for fall! Julissa is getting staging tips at Brite Ideas!

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