It’s the 11th annual Shannon McCabe's Vampire Ball and this year it’ll be at a new venue, Harlow’s! Sabrina Silva will be previewing the party early for the viewers!

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Alan's Last DayAlan says, 'see you later' and thank you from his home with his wife and daughter.
Sabrina's New PetSabrina is introducing her new pet!
Spring AllergiesNatural Health Expert, Bryce Wylde wants to teach viewers that there are natural remedies besides harsh medications. Antihistamines often have many side effects, eye drops sting, and pills can give you "medicine head." Bryce will show off a number of visuals from his home studio and talk about the many things you can do to cut your exposure to allergens and even tame the body's allergic responses.
Paper AirplanesParents are looking for even more ideas to keep their kids occupied and model aviation just may be the perfect answer. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has put together several quick projects using materials folks probably already have at home, including how to build model planes, balloon rockets, kites and more. These activities are fun for all ages, educational and most importantly social distance safe. Ashley is talking to an expert and learning how to make some cool planes and rockets.
Quarantine Thank YouKate (age 10) and Maggie (age 8) have created a special stop-motion video with their Legos to say "thank you" to the essential workers of COVID-19.
Teen's Tunes Weekend: Dance SongsTina challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Teen's Tunes.
Online Theater PerformancesWhen schools shut down unexpectedly in March, Caitlin Knapp's Honors Advanced Children's Theatre class was left without a show to perform or an audience to watch it. Now, her class is planning performances of two shows, a virtual Children's musical by Beat by Beat press titled "The Show Must Go Online."
Grocery DeliveryA Lincoln high school student decided to come together with a few of her classmates and help delivery groceries to seniors in their area to help people in need. Sabrina is with the teen who made this all happen and let our viewers know that she's still looking for people to help out... not volunteers, but the elderly, health officials, those with weak immune systems.
Memorial Day Rafting, Pt. 2Today, people will be beating the heat by rafting down the American River. Ashley’s in Rancho Cordova talking to the folks at American River Raft Rentals about their protocols, but also how people can still have fun while staying safe.
Elizabeth KlingeBe sure to join us for the CBS weekend news, Elizabeth will be anchoring the show broadcast nationwide today at 5pm!
Irish Blessing to StudentsDuring distance learning, the Roseville Music Teachers are singing for students from their hearts and homes. The teachers are missing their students right now! They decided to sing to them and make a video to lift their spirits and remind everyone that they are loved.
The BoathouseThe Boathouse in Lathrop is not just a restaurant, it’s a premiere River Islands dining establishment and they recently reopened for dine-in and curb side pick-up. Alan is there with more!
Awful Annie's Bloody MaryAwful Annie's is a Lincoln staple and has a secret Bloody Mary recipe they bottle! Sabrina is there to tell us more!
Memorial Day RaftingToday, people will be beating the heat by rafting down the American River. Ashley’s in Rancho Cordova talking to the folks at American River Raft Rentals about their protocols, but also how people can still have fun while staying safe.
Brother BudToday's national brother's day and we couldn't let the opportunity slip on by to celebrate. Tina's standing by with Brother Bud!
Stockton Sailing ClubThe Stockton Sailing club was started in 1933 has been serving boating enthusiast of all ages. Alan hits the water with the sailing club and learns the basics in safety and what you need to know if you are going to hit the water in any boat or raft!
Managing Student AnxietySchool closures were intended to keep students safe during the pandemic, but for many, it's ushered in a different set of dangers: anxiety, depression and other serious mental health conditions. Today, we talk to Dr. Jeffrey Kassinove, Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Academics West School in New York City, on how parents can help their children manage anxiety.
Seniors in the Ocho, 5/24/2020We know graduations are being cancelled all around the country, so we want to make sure your Seniors (high school or college) get a special shout-out on Good Day! Send your pictures in to, with the subject line “Seniors in the Ocho”.
Open For Business: Celebrations!Celebrations! Party Rentals and Tents was hit hard by the regulations of COVID-19. And while many people are staying away from having big gatherings, Celebrations! wants to make sure you know they are here for the community. Sabrina is in Roseville with more!
Orangevale MuralOrangevale now has a stunning new mural to bring the community together. Thanks to a Community Grant from the Orangevale-Fair Oaks Community Foundation, the wall in the back of the Badfish Coffee & Tea/ The Prancing Poodle/ Palmer Real Estate parking lot has been transformed by local artist Allika's Attic into a beautiful mural depicting scenes that highlight the "rural roots" town. Ashley is their meeting the artist to learn more about what she created.
The Fruit BowlThe Fruit Bowl in Stockton has wonderful fruits and vegetables picked daily. Local nuts, dried fruits and snacks for the road. They are open for business and Alan Sanchez is looking to see what’s new this season.
Drive-Thru GraduationSabrina is at Granite Bay High School's drive-thru graduation for the class of 2020!
Sudwerk Brewing CoDavis-based Sudwerk Brewing Co. has the perfect release ahead of the Memorial Day weekend -- a new hard seltzer line from Sudwerk Brewing Co. is a sparkling addition to summer drinking.
Momo’s Meat MarketEvery single day the smell of Momo’s Meat Market in Sacramento permeates the entire neighborhood. Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend! Ashley is stopping by to see what they’re cooking!

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