FanPAWstic NewsTina is off, so Courtney has your FanPAWstic News!
FanPawstic News with TinaTina Macuha has your latest FanPawstic News!
Fan-PAW-stic News - 6/6Tina has all the cute animal stories in today's FanPAWstic News!
Fan-PAW-Stic News - 6/5Tina is here with all the cute animal news in FanPAWstic News!
FanPAWstic News With Tina!Tina brightens up your Monday morning with some fanPAWstic news!
Fanpawstic News - 5/9Tina brings us all the cute animal stories in today's edition of Fanpawstic News!
FanPAWstic News - 4/20Courtney Dempsey has some cute and awesome animal stories!
FanPAWstic News 4/17/2021FanPAWstic News 4/17/2021
FanPAWstic News 4/4/2021FanPAWstic News 4/4/2021
FanPAWstic News with Tina! - 3/28Beavers shutting down subways, March Madness at the zoo, and the gorillas at the San Diego Zoo sharpen up their reading skills...Tina's here with today's FanPAWstic news!
FanPAWstic News 3/21/2021FanPAWstic News 3/21/2021
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 3/8Tina's here with today's FanPAWstic News! Birds, dogs, cats, she's got it all! And Liberty the Yorkie, from viewer Tamy Pitman!
FanPAWstic News 2/27/2021FanPAWstic News 2/27/2021
FanPAWstic News...of the Weird? - 2/23We love a good mashup here on Good Day, and Court's mowing on Tina AND Cody's lawn today as she brings us some FanPAWstic News of the Weird!
FanPAWstic News 2/20/2021FanPAWstic News 2/20/2021
FanPAWstic News - 2/15Penguins? Donkeys getting married? And BABY PANDAS? Yes, please! Tina is here with FanPAWstic News, and a kitten named "Garbanzo!"
FanPAWstic NewsCheck out today's FanPAWstic News
Fan Pawstic NewsTina has today's Fan Pawstic News!
FanPAWstic News - 7am 1/10/2021FanPAWstic News - 7am 1/10/2021
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 12/29Tina's here with more FanPAWstic news, including a video from Good Day viewer Annie Menking! Her chicken likes whipped cream! Thanks for sending your videos in to!
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 12/28Tina has today's collection of cute animal antics in FanPAWstic News...and a video from Good Day viewer Crystal from Woodland! Thanks for sending it in!
Fan-PAW-Stic News - 12/12We put all our cute animal stories into one comprehensive segment. It's fantastic! No, it's Fan-PAW-Stic! Tina Macuha has your FanPAWstic News!
FanPAWstic News 11/30/2020FanPAWstic News 11/30/2020
Ugly Pet Sweater Competition In TracyHave some holiday fun with your fur baby! All you have to do is dress them in a tacky sweater.

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