Mommy Furniture MakerToday’s ‘Mommy Moment’ features a young mom who just started her business making furniture.
Mommy Moment Pt. 2: SkadoosieJulissa is learning about an update on the baby onesie that you should have for your baby.
Mommy Moment: Local Mommy AuthorJulissa is with Dawn Dais who is here to talk about her newest book.
Mommy Moment Pt. 2: Forever DancerettesThe Teen Dancerettes are with Julissa performing one of their numbers.
Mommy Moment: Forever DancerettesA local group is empowering young girls through music and dance!
Mommy Moment: Learning CenterLakeshore Learning is all about making learning fun and to give parents ideas on how to keep their kids learning over spring break.
Mommy Moment: The Magic of MotherhoodThis has been a blog for a while but now it’s a real book about a love letter to motherhood.
Mommy Moment: School LunchIf you have a picky eater, packing a lunch for school can be challenging so a local food therapist is helping us make school lunch a success.
Mommy Moment: Custom Castle Beds Pt. 2Many little girls dream of being a princess and now they can become one with a castle bed.
Mommy Moment: Custom Castle BedsJulissa is introducing us to a local business who can build a castle bed for your little princess or prince.
Mommy Moment: MomdezvousIn today's Mommy Moment, Julissa is learning about an app on how to find play dates for you and your kids.
Mommy Moment: Mommy & Baby Must HavesIn today's Mommy Moment, Julissa is sharing some new mommy and baby must haves.
Mommy MomentJulissa is showing you an app that your little ones can use to keep track where Santa Clause is located.
Mommy Review: The Naptime ReviewerJulissa is with the founder of “The Naptime Reviewer” with some gift ideas for the kiddos.
Mommy Moment: Kidizen AppJulissa is showing us to a new app where you can make extra cash off of your kids’ clothes.
Mommy Moment Pt. 2: Tot FashionThese young children picked out their parents outfits to wear this morning.
Mommy Moment: Picture ThisTurn your kids’ artwork into fashion by turning that drawing into a dress!
Mommy Moment Pt. 2: Mommy PanelJulissa is some local moms asking them questions about raising kids.
Mommy Moment: Mommies Hiring MommiesThis new organization offers support, inspiration and confidence to be a mom.
Mommy Moment: Mommy AuthorWe’re doing a cooking challenge of how to cook for two kids while balancing different parent obstacles.
Mommy Moment: RaddishIt's an edible education for the little ones and this product can be part of your daily cooking routine.
Mommy Moment: Girls Can Be Builders TooJessica Tindel is here with some easy ways to get your girls playing with building toys.
Mommy Moment Pt. 2: Imagine ThatThis fun place will have your kids’ imagination run wild while learning about science.
Mommy Moment: Imagine ThatJulissa takes us to a new place in Vacaville for kids to play and use their imagination.

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