Teen's Tune - 11/17Tina's here with today's Teen's Tune! Songs about body parts (sounds gruesome, but it's not!). Dance along at the end!
Teen's Tune - 11/16Happy Monday! Tina's here with today's Teen's Tune: 80s songs, and it gets a little strange towards the end...
Tunes with a Twist 8am 11/13/2020Tunes with a Twist 8am 11/13/2020
Court's Tune 8am 11/11/2020Court's Tune 8am 11/11/2020
Johnnie's Jams - 11/10It's baaaack! Director Jonathan Meris is back with Johnnie's Jams! Today, in honor of photographer Scott Zentner's birthday, we take it back to 1998, the year Jonathan thought he started at Good Day (it wasn't, but we're committed to it).
Teen's Tune - 11/10Tina is here with Teen's Tune...today, 80s Hair Bands take center stage!
Teen's Tune - 11/9Tina is here with today's Teen's Tune! The theme is 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees!
Tunes with a Twist 11/6/2020Tunes with a Twist 11/6/2020
Court's Tune 11/5/2020Court's Tune 11/5/2020
Teen's Tune - 11/3Today's Teen's Tune theme is rock songs, with a little funk at the end so everyone can dance!
Teen's Tune - 11/2Today's Teen's Tune has songs about calling someone. You'll get it after a few songs! Enjoy!
Tunes with a Twist - 10/30Jordan is here singing all the Broadway hits in today's Court's Tune: Tunes With A Twist!
Court's TunesBecause today's theme is "British Invasion". Court's Tunes features all British bands/artists. As an added bonus, Executive Producer Tracy Ketchum busts her moves to George Michael. See it for yourself!
Teen's Tune - 10/28Tina is here with today's Teen's Tune...let's head back to the mid 80s!
Teen's Tune - 10/27When you let producer Corey pick the theme, you get...80s power ballads! The songs are different, but the bands all look the same...enjoy today's Teen's Tune!
Teen's Tune - 10/26Tina's back! That means we can put "Johnnie's Jams" back in the closet for a month or two. Today's edition features duets!
Johnnie's Jams 10/23/2020It's Director Jonathan Meris' last day to hosting 'Johnnie's Jams" for awhile. So naturally, his theme is "Goodbye songs" See if you know the songs he picks.
Tunes with a Twist 10/23/2020Tunes with a Twist 10/23/2020
Johnnie's Jams 10/22/2020Johnnie's Jams 10/22/2020
Johnnie's Jams 10/21/2020Johnnie's Jams 10/21/2020
Johnnie's Jams, 10am Edition! - 10/20You asked for it (did you?), so here it is! Another edition of Johnnie's Jams! The 90s slow jams continue...
Johnnie's Jams - 10/20Everybody's favorite 3rd stringer is back with today's Johnnie's Jams! Today it's 90s slow jams, everybody knows the songs, but no one knows the title or artist...
Johnnie's Jams - 10/19He's baaaack! The two-week hiatus from Teen and Court's Tune continues, and everyone's favorite third-string quarterback, director Jonathan Meris is here! 80's rock is the theme of today's Johnnie's Jams!
Tunes with a Twist 10/16/2020Tunes with a Twist 10/16/2020

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