Johnnie's Jams Pt 2 (9/24)Since Tina and Courtney are on vacation, the next best person has your jams! Director Jonathan Meris has 80's TV Theme songs for you. Do you know them? He also wishes his aunt Aurora "Happy Birthday" AND a Happy 50th Anniversary to her and Uncle Willy!
Johnnie's Jams (Teen's Tune) - 9/24Well, Tina is off, and Courtney is off, so we call on our third-string quarterback, director Jonathan, to bring us Johnnie's Jams! Today, it's TV theme songs!
Court's Tune - 9/23Today's Court's Tune is all from one artist...once you hear the first song, you'll know!
Teen's Tune - 9/22Song titles with a name in them, that's today's Teen's Tune!
Teen's Tune - 9/21We caught Tina a little unprepared today, so today's subject is: Songs off of Tina's Phone! Enjoy!
Teen's Tune - 9/20Jordan Segundo and Director Julian go head-to-head in today's Teen's Tune. The theme is "New-ish" songs.
Teen's Tune - 9/19Today's theme is "Groups."
Court's Tune 8am 9/18/2020Court's Tune 8am 9/18/2020
Court's Tune 8am 9/17/2020Court's Tune 8am 9/17/2020
Teen's Tune 9/16/2020Teen's Tune 9/16/2020
Teen's Tune - 9/15Tina brings us a smorgasboard of sound in today's Teen's Tune! It's all over the place...enjoy!
Teen's Tune - 9/14Today's theme: TV Theme Songs! Good luck!
Court's Tune 8am 9/10/2020Court's Tune 8am 9/10/2020
Court's Tune - 8am Hour 9/9/2020Court's Tune - 8am Hour 9/9/2020
Teen's Tune - 9/7Today's Music Selections: "Songs on Julissa's Phone." You might think this gives Julissa too much of an advantage...think again! Who knew John knew all four steps? Happy Labor Day!
Teen's Tune - 9/5Tina has a viewer playlist for us to guess!!
Court's Tune -- 9/3/2020Court's Tune -- 9/3/2020
Teen's TuneTeen's Tune -- 8am Hour 9/2/2020
Teen's Tune - 9/1Today's theme: NO THEME! Completely random stuff in Tina's playlist! Enjoy!
Teen's Tune - 8/31Today's Theme: Girl Bands! Play along at home!
Court's Tune - 8/28For Throwback Thursday yesterday we played Prince's music all day, but we ran out of time for Court's Tune! We'll make up for it today! Court's Tune has Prince and songs written by the Purple One!
Teen's TuneTeen's Tune
Teen's Tune - 8/25Since everyone is showing us their pets today, Tina says today's Teen's Tune theme is "Songs for your Pets." We don't get it, just go with it. John, Court, Julissa and Producer Carmen play along!
Court's Tune 8amCourt's Tune

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