Part 2: Today's theme for Court's Tune: Songs that are about money. Can you guess these songs?

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Court's Tune Pt. 2Part 2: Today's theme for Court's Tune: Songs that are about money. Can you guess these songs?
Court's Tune Pt. 1Today's theme for Court's Tune: Songs that are about money. Can you guess these songs?
Court's TuneIn today's edition of Court's Tune: Cody and John FAIL to correctly guess the tunes! They were STUMPED! Worth watching this rare occurrence! Looks like they need Director Jonathan Meris to give them a hand.
Teen's TuneToday's Teen's Tune theme: 1995 songs...The year John Dabkovich graduated high school.
Teen's Tune - 1/16The year was 1997, and the songs are familiar, but the artists are HARD to remember! Jordan and Tracy try their best, but today's Teen's Tune is...difficult! Play along!
Tunes With A TwistIt's Court's Tunes with a twist! For this version of Court's Tunes, Jordan PERFORMS and sings the songs, while you guess them. We're talking American Idol performance here, folks.
Court's Tune Pt. DosIt's the second round of Court's Tune today and the theme is: 80's Hip Hop. Special Guest Appearance by Director Marcus Woodfork.
Teen's TuneToday's Teen's Tune theme: Oldies
Teen's TuneToday's Teen's Tune: Mashup of different artists and songs
Teen's TuneToday's Teen's Tune: Songs Ju Doesn't Know...As in Julissa.
Teen's Tunes 1/10/2021Teen's Tunes 1/10/2021
Teen's Tune - 1/9Tina is here with a Saturday edition of Teen's Tune! Music from 1990 is today's choice...
Tunes with a TwistJordan is channeling his inner Lenny Kravitz and singing "Road Tunes" you would hear on Spotify.
Court's TuneToday's Theme: 2000's Hip Hop and R&B
Teen's TuneToday's Teen's Tune: MASHUP!
Teen's TuneToday's edition of Teen's Tune...Wait til you see the end.
Teen's TuneCheck out today's Teen's Tunes! Do you know these songs?
Court's Tune - 1/1Happy New Year! And since it's 1/1, today's Court's Tune has songs with "One" in the title or by the artist! Play along!
Johnnie's Jams 10am 12/31/2020Johnnie's Jams 10am 12/31/2020
Johnnie's Jams 12/30/2020Johnnie's Jams 12/30/2020
Teen's Tune, 8am Hour 12/30/2020Teen's Tune, 8am Hour 12/30/2020
Not Teen's Tune...Deen's Tune! - 12/29Tina has turned over the DJ'ing duties to Dina today for a very special edition of Teen's Tune! It's Deen's Tune, featuring songs with some form of "goodbye" in them. Some are hard to guess, Dina's not going easy on us!
Teen's Tune - 12/28Happy Monday! Tina is here with Teen's Tune, a collection of 80's hits...
Teen's Tune - 12/24The Magical Throwback Thursday Music Wheel chose "Punk" as the musical theme today, so Tina found some Punk Christmas tunes to play for Teen's Tune today! Is Weezer really punk, though?

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