"Miserable Holiday Stories" Author Joins Us!Are your holidays miserable? We hope not, but it seems there are a lot of miserable holiday stories out there. Author Alex Bernstein joins Cody to talk about his latest compilation of short stories!
Slap You With Science - 8/18A color-changing robot? Bringing back supersonic jet travel? And, how fuzzy is Saturn? Professor Stark returns to the studio to Slap You With Science (now with no slapping sound effects)!
Wiki Who? - Good Fellas Edition - 8/17John's here with another edition of Wiki Who? Today, it's a "Good Fellas" edition, featuring Robert DeNiro (happy birthday), Joe Pesci, and Ray Liotta, play along with us!
Tangent Tuesday: Dina RapsDina was challenged to freestyle rap!
Question of the Day / Dance Party Friday - 7/30Courtney closes out the work week with a question: Since we're celebrating yearbook pictures today, what were you known for in high school? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for joining us today, we appreciate you hanging out with us! Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
Aloha Friday - Spam Musubi Giveaway!Jordan's here with Aloha Friday, and we have a guest join us! Elisia Flores from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue joins Jordan to talk about their upcoming Spam musubi giveaway, and how you can win a trip to Hawaii!
Jordan's Senior Portrait Shoot - 10amJordan has another photo shoot scheduled in the studio for his Senior portraits (he never got to take any when he was in school, for reasons stated earlier). I think he was named "biggest plant lover" in his yearbook, though!
Jordan's Senior Portrait Shoot - 8amJordan missed out on having Senior portraits done (something called "American Idol" got in the way), so Courtney is setting him up to have some done in the studio!
Question of the Day - 7/29In honor of the NBA draft taking place later, Court wants everyone to finish this sentence: I should be drafted to do/play _____________? Have a great Thursday, see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Why Do Things Always Get Weird At 10:30?Dina got REALLY excited earlier in the show when talking about decorating the studio boho-style, and Court decided to run with it as we came back from break at 10:30. Things always get weird the last half-hour of the show!
What Is Going On Here?Cody, Court, Dina and Jordan take in the new Burberry cologne ad featuring Adam Driver., and then attempt an analysis. What we end up with is, Jordan really likes trying new cologne.
Choose Your News!It's been a while, mainly because we had a go-round with the CBS censors (we kid, we kid), but Choose Your News (featuring John Dabkovich) returns! John gives Tina, Court, Cody and Dina two stories to choose from, they pick (cringing), and John presents the story they chose! Enjoy, and remember, they asked for this!
Question Of The Day - 7/28Tina (and some of her friends) are bringing us today's Question of the Day from the park! Tina wants to know: When are you shy? Everyone answers (just barely, we basically ran out of time), and then we're off to Drew at 11! Thanks for watching, see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Bad Bakers Donuts - Studio Delivery!We come back from the break to do the 10:30 news...but wait, LOR-Dash has come through yet again! We've got Bad Bakers donuts in the studio! Then the "grown-ups" music comes on, and things get a little...weird.
Choose The News - Here's The LeftoversLast hour, John let Cody, Court, Tina and Dina choose the news, now John's cleaning out the fridge with the stories you didn't see! Here's the leftovers!
We Come Back From Break, And...This.We need to find SOME way for viewers to listen in during commercial breaks, because THAT would make a great show, even greater! It's Tangent Tuesday EVERY DAY with this bunch...
Question Of The Day - 7/27Tina joins us again from WalMart Delta Shores with today's Question of the Day: Other than the basics, what would we find in your backpack?
Question Of The Day - 7/26Tina closes out a Monday show with the Question of the Day: What's your favorite song to sing in the shower? John's answer is especially good...
Question Of The Day / Friday Dance Party - 7/23Dina's here with today's Question of the Day: What are your weekend plans? Everyone answers, and we dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for watching, make sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
Question Of The Day - 7/22Dina has our Question Of The Day today: If you created your own hair salon, what would the theme be?
Wiki Who? - 7/22John's here with another edition of Wiki Who? Today, it's the all-Williams edition, play along with us!
Question Of The Day - 7/21Tina closes out Wednesday's show with a question: When was the last time someone was SUPER nice to you?
TikTok Food Combos - 10amEarlier, John, Tina and Cody tried some strange food combinations seen by Tina on TikTok, and the results were...not good. Well, we're here to try it again, this time with Skittles and Sprite. John may have hurt himself...
Wiki Who? - 7/21John's here with another edition of Wiki Who? Today, it's an all-billionaire astronaut edition...play along with us!

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