John's Hair NightmareJohn has been dying to tell this story since the 8:00 hour, and we managed to find a little Throwback Thursday time in the 10:00 hour to give him so he can tell us about his Bakersfield hair nightmare! He had to call out sick to work the next day, his hair was so bad...
Word Up Wednesday With Marshall Harris - The Word Is WHAT?CBS Sports Director Marshall Harris joins us every Wednesday for "Word Up Wednesday," where he introduces a word and has the anchors try to use it in a sentence. Today's word is...yeah, I'm not gonna try to spell that, it's on your screen.
John's Finally Had it...John thinks he puts up with a lot on a daily basis, but when Ashley transitioned from cute baby goats to a subtle dig at John, that was the last straw...
Dance Party Friday!We close out Friday with a Dance Party! Have a great weekend, everyone...thank you so much for watching! See you tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
More "Cody Bob Ross"We just finished with Good Day Rewind, and Court's friend has texted her a concern about Cody Bob's hair...
The Triumphant Return Of "Cody Bob Ross"We've been talking with Tracy Abbey, an art teacher doing virtual classes in Lodi, and that inspired our own "Cody Bob Ross" to come out of retirement and give her class a try! So kick back, enjoy the music, and try to ignore that extra button that's undone on his shirt...
Will It Air Fry? - French Toast, Part 3WE HAVE FRENCH TOAST! That took long enough...Tina has some French Toast Air Fried and lets John have a try!
Will It Air Fry? - French Toast, Part 2OK, this is a lot of work just to make two pieces of French Toast! Here, in Part 2 of Will It Air Fry, Tina flips it over! And it needs to cook for 4 more minutes...
Will It Air Fry? - French Toast, Part 1Tina busts out the Air Fryer to try French Toast! Here, she's making the batter and getting the cooking started!
Who Did It Better?Cody gives The Weeknd's halftime show bit his best shot in the tunnel behind the set...who did it better?
Question of the Day - 2/4Courtney closes out today's Metal Throwback Thursday with her Question of the Day: Who's the last person you FaceTimed with? Hope you enjoyed today's show...we sure did! See you tomorrow morning for a FRIDAY show!
Wiki Who? - 2/4John is BACK with another edition of Wiki WHO? Today, the subjects are DO NOT share a name, but in honor of the new "Sex and the City" reboot, the subjects are three of the stars of the show! Play along with us!
Trivia Toast - 2/4Court's here with today's slice of Trivia Toast! It's along with us!
Throwback Thursday - We Spin the Music Wheel!Happy Thursday! And on Throwback Thursday, we spin the magical music wheel to select what music we'll be playing the whole show. Today it lands on...metal? Oh no, who put that on there? Should be fun today, don't hold it against us!
7:10 Toast - 2/4Happy Thursday, it's time for the 7:10 Toast! Get that beverage and toast the morning with us!
Question of the Day - 2/3We close out a Wednesday with today's Question of the Day: What movie have you seen a MILLION times? Have a great day, everyone! See you back here tomorrow morning! Thanks for watching!
Quote This - 2/3Tina is back with our favorite movie quote guessing game, it's Quote This! Tina reads the line, and everyone guesses which movie it's from!
"Word of the Day Wednesday" with Marshall HarrisYou know we love a good challenge on Good Day, and we've got a new one today! CBS13 Sports Director Marshall Harris joins Tina to bring us Word of the Day Wednesday!
Sing It To Me! - 2/3Tina plays a cut of music, and everyone else sings the rest back to her, with mixed results. It's time for Sing It To Me! Today, a classic from 1985!
7:10 Toast - 2/3It's time for the 7:10 toast, and it's been a minute since we've done one, so get ready to take those pictures with us and send them in to!
Tina Tries a Toe TouchTina's been kicking HIGH all morning (sort of), and we had a little time to kill in the 10:00 hour.'s Tina doing some toe touches! Again, sort of...
Throwback Thursday - We Spin the Music Wheel!It's Thursday, so you know what that means...we (John) spin the wheel to pick our music theme for Throwback Thursday! Cody insisted that "Sea Shanties" go on the wheel (he's watching way too many TikTok videos), and it JUST missed! Everyone is SO disappointed...guess we'll have to settle for Motown!
Ashley and Jordan Whip Up a Pie - Part 2Earlier, Jordan (and to a lesser extent, Ashley) put together the crust for a (deep breath) no-bake peanut butter banana pie with Oreo cookie crust. That's quite a title. NOW, they put together the filling and Ashley's blender skills are on full display! Let's see the finished product! Happy National Pie Day everyone!
Jordan and Ashley Whip Up A Pie - Part 1Today is National Pie Day, so of course we can't resist making one up ourselves! Jordan gets his no-bake peanut butter banana pie with Oreo cookie crust started...he says it's healthy? Ashley chips in and helps with the crust...kind of.

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