Courtney's here with an Emmy Awards edition of Fashion Forum and...IT"S 14 MINUTES LONG? Yes, it's 14 minutes long, and WORTH EVERY SECOND! Not everyone gets a "pass," just so you know. Let's...get...JUDGY.

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Question of the Day - 10/21Courtney closes out Thursday's show with her Question of the Day: What gets better as it gets older?
The Fart Pedal - Fun With Your Guitar!You have LOTS of pedals for you guitar, right? How about a pedal that generates fart noises? Steve Gadlin created the Fart Pedal, he joins Cody to tell us how to get one, and have a little impromptu jam!
Wiki Who? - 10/14John's here with another edition of Wiki Who?, where he gleans obscure facts from the Wikipedia pages of famous folks, and has everyone guess which celebrity the fact is about! Today's subjects are famous Kevins...Hart, Costner and Durant! Play along with us!
Random Rick Roll!Rick Astley is coming to the Golden 1 Center (next year), so every once in a while we're Rick Rolling the guys in the studio! This is gonna get REAL OLD by December...
Question of the Day - 10/13Courtney closes out a Wednesday show with her Question of the Day: Since today is "Take Your Parents To Lunch Day," where would YOUR parents want YOU to take them to lunch?
Question of the Day - 10/11Courtney closes out Monday's show with the Question of the Day: What stunts or tricks did you try as a kid?
"Just Win, Baby" - Recapping Johnny's Week 5 PicksWhen you win big, you can crow about it all day, but when you lose big...well, you point the finger elsewhere. Johnny the Serb joins us to recap an underwhelming week 5 of his "expert" picks! Chin up, Johnny!
Question of the Day - 10/7Courtney closes out a Throwback Thursday with her Question of the Day: What fall treats have you been enjoying?
Random Rick Roll!Is Rick Rolling still a thing? Even if it's not, Rick Astley is coming to the Golden 1 Center in 2022, so until he arrives, we'll be randomly Rick Rolling the Good Day crew! It's like 11 months away...are we REALLY doing this?
Choose Your News - The LeftoversLast hour, John let Cody, Court and Jordan choose their news, but you KNOW we can't let perfectly good news stories go bad! So John's back, rummaging through the fridge for the stories they didn't choose! Here's the leftovers!
Fall Toy Ideas For Your Kids!Fall is here, and you don't want your kids getting bored! Lifestyle expert Joey Fortman joins Courtney to tell us about the latest toys!
Question of the Day - 10/6Tina finishes a Wednesday show with her Question of the Day: What's that one thing that you've had for a long time but can't get rid of?
Question of the Day - 10/5Tina closes out a Tuesday show by asking: What do you remember getting a trophy for?
Wiki Who? - 10/5John's here with another edition of Wiki Who?, where he gleans facts from the Wikipedia pages of the famous (and sometimes not-so-famous) and brings trivia questions for everyone to answer! Today, it's a SCIENTIST edition with facts about Bill Nye, Carl Sagan, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, play along with us!
Question of the Day - 10/4Tina went to see Jo Koy at the Golden 1 Center over the weekend, and he had a few surprise guests join him! So, Tina wants to know if YOU were putting on a show, who would YOUR surprise guest be?
Just Win, Baby! We Recap Johnny the Serb's Week 4 Picks!It was another successful weekend for Johnny the Serb and his NFL expert picking the games, and Monday night's game hasn't even been played yet! Here's a recap!
Dave Has A Special Guest in Rover!Dave has a special guest in Rover with him today, let's find out who it is!
Question of the Day / Dance Party Friday - 10/1Time for Friday's Question of the Day! A very happy birthday to Good Day photographer Dave Grashoff, and if money was no object, what would YOU get Dave for his birthday? Everyone answers, and then Death himself shows up for Dance Party Friday! A little weird, but right on brand for this show...anyway, have a great Friday, and tune in tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend, maybe Jordan will still be wearing his costume!
Just Win, Baby! - NFL Week 4 Picks With Johnny the SerbHonestly, we thought that this bit would have been nixed by now...but here we are in Week 4 of the NFL season, and Johnny the Serb and his exclusive "NFL expert" are still here, picking three of this week's gridiron matchups! Best of luck on the games!
Jordan's Halloween Transformation - He's Ready!We've been watching Gina Scheiber work her magic on Jordan all morning, now it's time to see the finished product! WOW! Look at Jordan!
Question of the Day - 9/29Tina's here to close out Wednesday's show with her Question of the Day: What would make a good name for your wine label?
Question of the Day - 9/27Tina closes out a Monday show with her Question of the Day: What colleges were you considering? Everyone answers, and then we send it off to The Drew Barrymore show at 11! Thanks for watching, see you tomorrow morning bright and early at 4:30!
Miss Kissinger's Korner - Fun Fall Crafts!Get into the fall spirit with some fun fall activities for the whole family! Miss Kissinger joins Tina, Jordan and Ashley with some fun crafts!
8:38 Stretch - 9/25It's a Good Day Weekend tradition, everybody GET UP for the 8:38 stretch!

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