John's here with today's edition of Wiki Who?, where he pulls obscure facts from the wikipedia pages of the famous (and sometimes not so famous). Today, it's an all-Jason edition!

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Question of the Day - 9/23We close out a Thursday show with the Question of the Day! Earlier, we talked to the Solano Baking Company about ALL their baked goods, so Court asks everyone: What baked goods you will STOP EVERYTHING for?
John and Dina's College Football Bet - Finally, The Payoff!A few weeks back, John (Fresno State alum) and Dina (Oregon alum) made a little wager on who would win the football game between their two schools. Well, Oregon came out on top (but didn't cover, bad move, John), and so John tries to pay off the bet by having his little girl wear an Oregon shirt. It didn't go well, but Dina seems satisfied!
Question of the Day - 9/20Tina closes out a Monday show with a question: Which celebrity would you like to ride in the limo with to the Emmys? Have a great Monday, and thanks for hanging out with us today! See you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Court's Fashion Forum - The Emmys! - 9/20Courtney's here with an Emmy Awards edition of Fashion Forum and...IT"S 14 MINUTES LONG? Yes, it's 14 minutes long, and WORTH EVERY SECOND! Not everyone gets a "pass," just so you know. Let's...get...JUDGY.
Just Win Baby Recap With Johnny the SerbWell, well, well...look who went three for three on Sunday's NFL matchups! Johnny the Serb's insider was a LEAD PIPE LOCK on the games, and of course he's here to gloat about it! (Legal disclaimer: Johnny the Serb and his "NFL Insider" are not ACTUAL "NFL Insiders," and he provides his picks merely for amusement purposes. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-522-4700. But seriously, if you're getting gambling advice from a guy on a morning TV show in a fake moustache who lets his toddler pick games, there might be more to your problems.)
Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party - 9/17Courtney closes out Friday's show with a question: What is your game-day attire? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for joining us today, we appreciate you hanging out with us! Make sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
Just Win, Baby! Get Your NFL Picks Here!If you're struggling with your NFL picks, we may be able to help you out! Good Day's NFL "Expert," Johnny the Serb, joins Courtney and Dina to break down the big matchups this weekend!
Question of the Day - 9/16We close out a Thursday show with Courtney's Question of the Day! Earlier, Emmys host Cedric the Entertainer joined us, Court wants to know, what celebrity would host YOUR "backyard boogie?"
Wiki Who? - 9/16John's here with another edition of Wiki Who? Today, there's only one subject, the fantastic Norm MacDonald, who we lost way too soon a few days ago. John has some true or false questions, play along with us!
More Throwback Thursday Fun!We come back from break with more Neil Diamond hits, and Dina gets in on the fun! Eyebrows up!
Time For A Good Day Singalong!The directors picked the music for today's Throwback Thursday, and the theme for the 10:00 hour was the great Neil Diamond! Some of the crew think Neil Diamond is not as "great" as others do, particularly John. But who can resist singing along to "Sweet Caroline?" John does his best...
Wiki Who? - 9/7John's back with another edition of Wiki Who? Today, in honor of the NFL season kicking off this week, we have three prominent play-by-play NFL announcers, Jim Nantz, Joe Buck and Al Michaels. Play along with us!
Welcome To The 10:00 Hour And...It's a long show, people, and by 10:00 everyone is just a little bit loopy. Why does our audio op play "Titanic" music over our opening shot of a boat on the Sacramento River? Don't know. Why does Tina have a bottle under her desk and start playing it like a flute? Don't know. Why does floor director Julian start re-enacting the "Titanic" boat scene with Tina? Don't know. It just keeps getting weirder, and it's only Tuesday! Thanks for sticking with us!
Question of the Day - 8/30Tina joins us from the golf tournament with today's Question of the Day: Which athlete or celebrity would you like to golf with?
Question of the Day / Dance Party Friday - 8/27We wrap up the week with Courtney's Question of the Day: What's a good farewell song? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend! Have a safe weekend, everyone! See you tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
A Fond Farewell to Producer Tessa!Good Day Producer Tessa is moving on in her career, and we wish her the best of luck! Before she goes, though, Cody has a round of "Nose Notes" for Tessa to play! We love you, Tessa! Good luck!
Choose Your News - The Leftovers! - 8/27Earlier, John had Dina, Court and Cody "Choose The News," now John's back (rummaging around in the fridge) for the stories that they didn't choose! It's time for "The Leftovers!"
Choose Your News! - 8/27John's back with your favorite segment, it's time to Choose Your News! Well, Cody, Court and Dina will choose it for you, but you get the idea.
Question of the Day - 8/26Courtney closes out Thursday's show with her Question of the Day: In honor of move-in day at Sac State, what do you remember about moving into your first place?
Wiki Who? - 8/26John's here with an all-Wayne edition of Wiki Who? Gretzky, Brady and Lil' are the Waynes in today's game, play along with us!
Question of the Day - 8/25Tina closes out a Wednesday show with her Question of the Day: What animal would you NOT want to watch over?
Florida...MAN! - 8/25America is a big country, and weird stuff happens all over every day. But why does some of the weirdest stuff happen in Florida? John's here with some strange moments, and Cody, Dina and Court have to discern whether it happened in Florida or not in today's edition of...Florida...MAN!
Question Of The Day - 8/24Tina's at Marco's Pizza in Rocklin "getting acquainted" with the Cinnasquares, and also bringing us today's Question of the Day! There are things I just don't what?
Wiki Who? - 8/24John's back with another edition of Wiki Who? Today is comedian Dave Chappelle's birthday, so it's a Dave-centric version! Play along with Cody, Court and Dina!

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