Julissa rides the Firehouse Cookie Do truck right into the CBS13/KMAX compound to deliver some cookie dough!

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Well, it IS Tangent Tuesday...It started as an email segment, then "Old Man River" became a theme, and THEN Tina hops in her canoe to do a little paddling...you'll just have to watch. Some things cannot be explained...
Question of the Day - 5/3Tina closes out a Monday show with her Question of the Day: We're wedding planners, what role do YOU play? Thanks for watching, everyone! See you back here tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party - 4/30Since Disneyland is opening today (yay!), Court finishes out a Friday (yay!) show with a question: What's the first ride you hit when you go to Disneyland? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend with an (extended) Friday Dance Party! Thanks for joining us, we'll see you tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
Wiki Who? - "Friday"John's here with a "Friday" edition of Wiki Who? It's Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, and John Witherspoon from "Friday!" Play along with us, and see if anyone can win the coveted (open) jar of relish from the Good Day fridge!
Aloha Friday - 4/30Jordan is here with Aloha Friday! Today, it's a bit of a language lesson as he gets John, Court and Cody to learn some Hawaiian phrases, and use them in sentences! The results are...mixed.
Getting Back to Exercising!Much like a bear emerging from hibernation, a little warmup is needed before jumping right back in to an exercise routine. Teddy Savage from Planet Fitness joins Courtney with ways to get back into the groove!
Question of the Day - 4/28Tina's still at Thunder Valley, and she wants to know: Where can we find you at the casino?
7:10 Toast - 4/27It's 7:10 (actually 7:09, but whatever), so that means it's time for the 7:10 Toast! Raise a glass to the four of us...
Question of the Day - 4/26Tina closes out a Monday show with her Question of the Day: Since the Oscars were last night, what's on your must-watch movie list now? Everyone answers, and then we head off to the Drew Barrymore show at 11! Thanks for watching today, we appreciate you hanging out with us! Join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:30!
Court's Fashion Forum - 4/26, 10amCourt's back with part two of her Academy Awards edition of Fashion Forum! Who gets the pass and who gets the dreaded fail?
Question of the Day - 4/14We close out a Wednesday show with Court's Question of the Day: What dessert are you in the mood for RIGHT NOW? Thanks for watching today, we appreciate it! See you tomorrow morning bright and early at 4:30!
Court's Tune - 4/14Courtney's here with a Wednesday edition of Court's Tune, and since it's National Exes Day, Court has songs that might make you think about your ex! Play along with us!
What the Heck Is THAT? - 4/12, 8amOur good friend Randy Aspinall from Emigh Hardware joins us for a new edition of What the Heck Is That?, where Randy shows the crew objects found at Emigh, and we try and guess what it is! Play along with us!
Hollywood Headlines - 4/12Court gets us up to date with what's going on in Tinseltown, and we take a moment at the end to highlight Tina's "Magic Mike" - like dancing skills! Here's today's Hollywood Headlines!
News Of The Weird! - 4/12Printed hairstyles, skull caterpillars, and, how many times a day should you, you know, "break wind." It's a smorgasbord of weirdness this morning, as Cody brings us today's News Of The Weird!
Dance Break? Dance Break.Just a regular bump-in on a Monday morning...TINA CALLS DANCE BREAK! OK, on with the show...
Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party - 4/9We close out a Fabulous Friday show with today's question: What makes you magical? Everyone answers, and we dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for joining us today, come back tomorrow morning at 7 for the Weekend Show with Tina and Jordan!
Aloha Friday - Jordan's DIY Dole Whip!It's Aloha Friday, and Jordan Segundo (aka Chef J) is in the Good Day Kitchen with a Dole Whip Float recipe to cool off your weekend!
Let's Rename Each Other! - 4/9, Part 1Did you know April 9 is National Rename Yourself Day? Neither did I, but producer Bailee did, and she wants John, Cody, Court and Jordan to rename themselves, and each other! Play nice, people...
Wiki Who? - 4/9John's here with a Wiki Who unlike any other...a Masters edition of Wiki Who? Or, actually, a Caddyshack edition. Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield are the featured players today, play along with us!
The Music "Minute" - 4/9Court and Cody are here with the Music Minute...or 1:45...whatever, here's some Friday music news!
Question of the Day - 4/8Courtney closes out a Throwback Thursday show with a question: I feel like I'm tough when it comes to ________? Thank you for watching today, we appreciate it! See you tomorrow morning at 4:30 for a Fabulous FRIDAY show!
Trivia Toast - 4/8Court's got today's slice of Trivia Toast! John, Cody and Jordan play along...
Show and Tell - 4/8Cody has today's Show and Tell, from Facebook Marketplace in New Zealand. Someone...made a Star Destroyer...out of a Volvo. And Cody could have bought it, but it already sold. Ya slippin', Cody.

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