Court wants to know, what do you grab out of the freezer?

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Jordan's Minute to Win It Thanksgiving Games!Bored after Thanksgiving Dinner? We can help! Well, kind of. Jordan has some Minute To Win It game ideas for you after dinner is over! But they took more than a minute, and we couldn't decide who won it,'s Thanksgiving, people, and we have extra time to fill! Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!
Jordan's Last-Minute Turkey Day TipsIs your turkey still frozen? Oh no! Luckily, Jordan is here to help if you have some last-minute Thanksgiving turkey trouble!
Most Popular Thanksgiving Sides - A has a map of America's favorite Thanksgiving side dishes by state, and everyone weighs in with their opinion of the chart, and Thanksgiving sides in general.
Tutor Tina: A PreviewWe have a new segment on the show, it's Tutor Tina! This is how we kick off the 10am hour today, with a preview of Tina tutoring a local student. We'll have more in a little bit...
Jordan and Tina Rise From Their Graves!Jordan and Tina cross the veil to bring you a weekend spooktacular!
The Monster Mash!We close out the Good Day Halloween show with the Monster Mash! Thanks for watching, everyone! See you tomorrow!
Jordan Sings Us A Halloween ClassicWhat would a Good Day Halloween show be without Jordan belting out a tune? Producer Angelo joins Jordan to put a spell on us!
Happy Halloween - We Finally See John's Costume!He's done being Mr. Serious News Person, so now John can dress up for the last 15 minutes of the show! It's...a little underwhelming, but an A for effort, right? Right?
Choose Your News: The LeftoversWe don't like good news stories to go to waste, so John is back with the leftovers from Choose Your News!
Happy Halloween - Here's Dina's Costume!Good Day has gone Broadway for Halloween and here's Dina's costume! You may recognize it, it's something Cody attempted a long time ago! Photographer Terry (Hagz) Haggart plays along!
Happy Halloween - Ashley's Costume!The Broadway (jazz hands) Halloween theme continues as the show rolls's Ashley's costume!
Throwback Thursday - We Spin the Wheel!We LOVE Throwback Thursday, and we love to spin the music wheel to find out what music we're playing for the rest of the show! Today, John does the honors, and we get....
Question of the Day - 10/29Court brings us today's question: What Creeps You Out? Everyone answers, and then John flosses us to into the Drew Barrymore Show. Have a great Thursday, everyone! Thanks for watching!
The Missing Piece!You may (or may not) remember we have been putting a puzzle together in the studio, and we were missing a piece. Cody even talked to the Puzzle Doctor to get a piece made to complete the puzzle! Well, turns out, SOMEONE had it the whole time! Fess up, Jordan!
Change Clocks this Weekend - Another Tina Haiku - 10/28The hits keep coming with another haiku from Tina, don't forget to "Fall Back" on Saturday night! This one's especially for GoodDay superfan Angie the Tab Lady!
Change Clocks this Weekend - Tina's Haiku - 10/28In an ongoing effort to remind you to "Fall Back" this weekend, Tina has a haiku to help you remember.
Dab Can Cook: Rice Krispy Treats!In this episode of Dab Can Cook, John made Rice Krispy Treats for us! Cody is moved to tears, and maybe John should have waited until AFTER he read the news to have a big bite...
Here Comes the Fire Truck!Julissa rides the Firehouse Cookie Do truck right into the CBS13/KMAX compound to deliver some cookie dough!
The Crunch Cup - We Try It Out!Uh oh, John found something on the internet, and everyone has to try it out. This one's the Crunch Cup, (infomercial voice) a revolutionary new product that keeps your cereal crunchy, you can even have cereal on the go (end infomercial voice)! Jordan, Cody, Dina and John give it a try, results appear mixed on the first try.
Throwback Thursday - We Spin the Music Wheel!You know how it's Throwback Thursday, and we spin the Big Music Wheel to pick what music we play for the show. Today, the wheel landed on....Ska music. Remember that 6 months in the 90's when Ska was popular? Neither do we, but we're playin' it all day today! Cody is very excited, John is worried we'll run out of songs before 11!
Egg-Flipping Challenge - John's TurnThe Egg-Flipping Challenge continues...Tina failed in her attempt, now here's John! He says he has experience with this, we'll see...
John Makes Mochi...It's Getting Better?Well, it's been a few minutes, let's check in (again) on John's mochi. We might need to bring in professional help.
John Makes Mochi...ContinuedIt's not going well in the kitchen for John and his mochi. Things are getting a little sticky.
Positive Vibes with JordanJordan shows us some great positive vibes to brighten up your day!

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