Court is showing us Walkee Paws perfect for your fluffy friend!

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John Makes Mochi...It's Getting Better?Well, it's been a few minutes, let's check in (again) on John's mochi. We might need to bring in professional help.
John Makes Mochi...ContinuedIt's not going well in the kitchen for John and his mochi. Things are getting a little sticky.
Positive Vibes with JordanJordan shows us some great positive vibes to brighten up your day!
We LOVE Bread - Crumb Sourdough Delivery!Crumb Sourdough was nice enough to send Lori Wallace back with some of their goodies! Lori handed it off to Tina and Tina brought it in the studio for everyone! Thank You!
The Hula-Hooping Continues...John finally gets it! Look at him go...
When We Lose a Guest on the Show...The reason we were asking for your 80's pictures today, was because Jody Watley was supposed to be on the show. It wasn't Jody's fault, but she didn't make it on. How that turned into John hula-hooping on the stage, you'll just have to watch! We have to fill that time somehow!
Someone Needs a Haircut...Part 2...So the top of the last hour, director Jonathan Meris showed the guys in the studio how bad he needs a haircut. Now, he's back in the booth to direct the 9:00 hour and we go a little more "in depth." It's just as funny...
Someone Needs a Haircut....Director Jonathan Meris finished directing the 7:00 hour, then came in the studio to talk to Tina during the commercial break. Then he took his hat off...and then THIS happened.
Stayin' Alive with JohnIt's 70's day on Throwback Thursday, and John is feeling it a little TOO much...just watch!
Question of the DayCourt wants to know, what do you grab out of the freezer?
Trivia ToastCourt is testing the hosts knowledge on colors.
Things Get Weird in the StudioIt started with our MoneyWatch reporter, Diane, talking to John about shoes and it ended with us meeting Engineer Tom, hiding under the desk. Happy Monday, everyone!
Question of the DayTina wants to know, what was one thing you looked forward to when YOU went back to school?
Check This OutCourtney is showing us some products that will help elevate your kids distance learning experience!
Ice Cream Sandwich CakeJordan is showing us how to make an ice cream cake out of ice cream sandwiches! #coolwhip
Question of the DayTina wants to know, what was the last thing you fixed?
Trivia ToastCourtney is testing the Hosts' knowledge of Jersey Shore.
Sing it to MeTina tests the Hosts’ on their lyrical skills.
Question of the DayCourtney wants to know, what leadership positions did you hold as a youngster?
Trivia ToastCourt is testing the hosts knowledge on media.
What the Kids Are DoingThere's a new Tik-Tok trend circulating the platform and some of our favorite celebrities are participating in it. Julissa has the latest on what the kids are doing.
Weird World of SportsIf you're like us, you miss sports a lot, but don't worry. We got you covered. John has been spanning the globe to bring you whatever shortish stuff we can find.
Sac Republic is back!It's match day!!! Soccer is back tonight! Sports are so much more fun to watch with friends! Republic is hosting a virtual party! Julissa has more!
Show & Tell: T-shirts and Water SkiingJulissa and John are showing us something cool.

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