Author, Lou Diamond, is teaching Cody how to "Master the Art of Connecting."

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Slap You With Science: Cosmic SpiderwebCody is sharing some interesting science stories in today's "Slap you with Science!"
Question of the DayTina wants to know, what do you do when you just can’t fall asleep.
Show & TellCody shows us some interesting x-rays from the Portland zoo.
Miss Kissinger Korner Pt. 2Miss Kissinger is back with Cambi to show us how to make a monster rock craft!
Save on Holiday Travel this Year Pt. 2The hosts are back with Liana Corwin for more tips on how to find the best flights for your next vacation!
Save on Holiday Travel this YearChristmas is nearly 75 days away, and according to the team of experts at travel app Hopper, Sacramento residents should start tracking prices now! The hosts will be finding out how you can get the best prices for your holiday travel!
Miss Kissinger KornerAs we get into Halloween, there are some fun things you can make with the kids at home. Miss Kissinger is here with Cambi in the studio to show us how to make monster slime!
Nifty In the NINEWe’re checking in on our old pal Nifty!
Fall Fashion Favorites Pt. 2Wild Poppy and Co. is back in the studio to show more fall fashion favorites for the season!
Fall Fashion FavoritesWith temperatures finally changing in the Sacramento region, we've asked our friends from Wild Poppy and Co. to get our wardrobes ready! They are standing by with Cambi in the studio!
Hot Headlines: Kevin Hart AccidentAshley has the latest news on Hot Headlines.
Tell Me Something Good Pt. 2The Host’s are sharing your good news!
Sacramento Women's Chorus Pt. 2The Sacramento Women's Chorus are back to perform a preview of their music!
JustHaves For Fall Pt. 2Justine Santaniello is back from the studio to show Cambi more fall essentials!
Sacramento Women's ChorusThe Sacramento Women's Chorus has a show that is designed to be an evening of fun and entertainment, stepping back in time as you let go of the cares of the day! They’ve joined Ashley in the studio for a preview of what you can expect from the show!
JustHaves For FallJustine Santaniello will be showing Ashley all of the just-haves you need for this fall season!
Tell Me Something GoodThe Host’s are sharing your good news!
Taste of PlacerAshley is joined by our guest to get a “Taste of Placer” and find out how you can sample diverse cuisines while enjoying live entertainment!
Healthy Halloween TipsJoining the hosts to talk about how to make Halloween healthier for you and your kids is Ryan Tullis, a personal trainer at Life Time Roseville!
Fight the Cold and FluIf you come down with a cold, there are several foods you can incorporate to feel better faster. Ryan Tullis joins the hosts again to show us nine foods that can help you when you're sick!

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