Ruhstaller FarmLori Wallace is in Dixon at Ruhstaller Farm and she's giving us a sneak peek of this cool establishment!
Dad Joke of the DayToday's Dad Joke of the Day
Letters of SolidarityAshley Williams is at a local high school where students share their letter of solidarity to stop Asian-American hate.
Shaving AlpacasEveryone deserves a spa day, even alpacas.
Question of the Day - 4/8Courtney closes out a Throwback Thursday show with a question: I feel like I'm tough when it comes to ________? Thank you for watching today, we appreciate it! See you tomorrow morning at 4:30 for a Fabulous FRIDAY show!
"Tough As Nails" Star Merryl Tengesdal Joins Us!She's battled all season long on CBS' "Tough As Nails," and Merryl Tengesdal joins Cody and Courtney to give us an update on how the season is going!
Slay as You Are!She's had a long journey of ups and downs, and now she's encouraging others to embrace their own beauty! Shay Bolling, owner of Slay As You Are, joins Courtney to talk about her hair products!
Good Day Rewind - 4/8Just in case you missed a funny moment from today's show, here's the Good Day Rewind!
Girl PowerfulDeveloping a strong sense of self at a young age is so important for girls, and that's what Girl Powerful is all about! Dina is with Sonya and Tedi Serge to find out about this wonderful program!
Doodles and Wine!No matter if the glass is half full or half empty, there's ALWAYS plenty of room for more wine! Lori Wallace is at McConnell Estates Winery in Elk Grove, discovering a new red blend that's supporting a great cause!
Art Supply SaleAngelia Gordon, Executive Director of Sacramento Fine Arts, joins our Dina Kupfer to tell us about the second hand art supply sale taking place this weekend in Carmichael!
Alpaca Harvest Day!They're harvesting the WOOL, OK? NOT THE ALPACAS. Ashley Williams is at Loomis Alpacas as they get ready to do some shavin'!
Trivia Toast - 4/8Court's got today's slice of Trivia Toast! John, Cody and Jordan play along...
Send Rover Over - We Meet a Folsom Icon!We heard about a rising star on Sutter Street in Old Folsom, so we had to send Dave and Rover over to check it out! Let's meet Winnie the Mini Pig! Or Minnie, as Dave keeps calling her...ummm, that's not a mini pig. Well, comparatively, I guess it is a mini pig.
Show and Tell - 4/8Cody has today's Show and Tell, from Facebook Marketplace in New Zealand. Someone...made a Star Destroyer...out of a Volvo. And Cody could have bought it, but it already sold. Ya slippin', Cody.
Court's Tune - 4/8Courtney is here with Court's Tune! Today, she's got 90's TV show theme along with us!
SPCA Pet of the Week - Meet Daffodil!Kaeli from the Sacramento SPCA joins Courtney and brings us our pet of the week! OMG IT'S A BUNNY! Let's get to know Daffodil!
Non-Alcoholic Grape Juices with Castello di AmorosaNapa Valley has some INCREDIBLE wines (you know that), but now they're bringing the non-alcoholic drinks as well! Winemaker Peter Velleno joins Courtney to tell us about Castello di Amorosa's non-alcoholic grape juice, and we have some in the studio for everyone to try! Pinkies out!
Ashley's Checking Out the Chickens at La Bella Vito Farm!A local farm wants to help you raise your own chickens! Ashley Williams has her overalls on (oh boy), and is ready to dig in and help out!
Talking With the Stars of "United States of Al""United States of Al" is a new CBS comedy centering on a Marine combat veteran re-adjusting to civilian life in Ohio, and his unit's interpreter who he served with, who is there to help him along the way. Adhir Kalyan and Parker Young are those two characters, and they join Cody to talk about the show!
Inn Town Campground in Nevada CityLori's at the Inn Town Campground in Nevada City showing us around! Let's go glamping!
Chicken Keeping for BeginnersAshley Williams is in Loomis learning how to take care of chickens! See how La Bello Vito farms can show you proper chicken keeping.
Inn Town CampgroundLooking to camp or "Glamp"? Lori Wallace has the place for you! She's in Nevada City showing us the "Inn Town Campground"
Josh Groban Sings About Beans! John, Court and Cody Have Questions...So apparently Bush's Beans gave Josh Groban a dump truck full of money to write a song pitching their product (or who knows, maybe he just LOVES beans), and we watched/listened to/commented on the ENTIRE two minutes and thirty five seconds of the video. It's like a commercial break, inside the show, but with commentary!

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