Learning How To Ice DyeJulissa Ortiz is at The Wildest Company in Davis and they're showing us how to Ice Dye clothing! See how you can buy one of these creative clothes.
The Co-Op SpotTired from working at home? Don't feel like going to the office? Check out The Co-Op Spot! You can work in this place while being in a fun and comfortable atmosphere!
Artists Wrap Utility BoxesLori Wallace is in Rancho Cordova where local artists are wrapping utility boxes. Meet one of the artist's and his dog, Chica, and how awesome their boxes look!
Earthquake Rattles Nevada CountyThe quake was centered just north of Kingvale.
Question of the DayToday's QOTD: What would you put in your air fryer?
News of the WeirdCody has your News of the Weird! Check out these weird stories!
Fire Kids CampJulissa Ortiz is in Roseville at Fire Kids Camp! See kids do what real firefighters do at Fire Kids Camp!
FanPAWstic NewsTina is off, so Courtney has your FanPAWstic News!
Dina-I-YDo you have cans? Dina Kupfer has your handy Dina-I-Y tips!
<< Good Day Rewind <<Here's what you missed on today's show
House Of Oliver Restaurant Worker Dies From Her Injuries After ShootingThe Roseville restaurant worker who was shot while on the job on Monday has died from her injuries, police say.
Dina-I-YDina Kupfer has your handy Dina-I-Y tips!
The Bitte ShopLooking for a nice shop for your kiddos? Check out The Bitte Shop in Land Park! Julissa Ortiz shows us what cool clothes and toys The Bitte Shop has for your kids!
Sac State Aquatics Kids CampBefore heading out on the water this summer, it's important to learn how to stay safe. Lori Wallace is at the Sac State Aquatics Kids Camp finding out about their summer camp offerings!
Roseville Fire Kids CampSummer break is here, and summer camps are slowly starting to gear up! Julissa is in Roseville, where the Roseville Fire Department's Kids Camp is getting back into the swing of things!
"Quarantine Comix" Author Joins Us!We've ALL had a LOT to deal with during the pandemic, and some of us need some assurance that we're not alone feeling how we've been feeling. "Quarantine Comix" author Rachael Smith joins Cody to talk about her comic compilation, and how we can ALL relate!
Court's Tune - 6/22Play along with us on today's "Court's Tune," where we guess songs where the lyrics may have been misheard!
WikiWho?John Dabkovich tests your knowledge with WikiWho? Today's subjects: Logan Paul, Rand Paul, and Paul Mooney.
New Children's Book "COVID Through The Eyes Of Children"A new children's book helps children understand the trying times of COVID-19. The author and illustrator of "COVID Through The Eyes Of Children" join Cody to talk about the book!
Seniors In The Ocho - 6/22, Part 2Time for more Seniors In the Ocho! Keep sending in those Class of 2021 pictures, we love to see them!
Seniors In The Ocho - 6/22, Part 1Time for more Seniors In the Ocho! Keep sending in those Class of 2021 pictures, we love to see them!
Sacramento State Aquatics CampAre you looking for ways your kids can get out and stay cool this summer? Lori Wallace is in Gold River at the Sacramento State Aquatics Camp with your answer! See how your kids can be a part of this fun camp!
Perry MattfeldCody talked to actor Perry Mattfeld of the CW's "In The Dark" about the upcoming 3rd season of the hit show!
You Betta Work Job FairAre you LGBTQ? The "You Betta Work" job fair is coming to Sacramento and it's looking to get you a job! See how, here!

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