Hollywood Headlines 8/6/2020Love Island, The Sleepover, and Roc Nation are covered in today's Hollywood Headlines.
Bee Hive TheftAn accused thief is caught with valuable bee boxes in Yolo County.
E. Coli in the American River?One woman says she got a rash caused by E. coli from swimming in the American River, but is that even possible? Velena Jones explains.
Healthy HeadlinesHealthy Headlines
5am Club Member of the Day 8/6/2020The 5am Club Member of the Day.
5am ClubAre you a member of the cool club?
Show and Tell - 8/6Ever want to own an abandoned Cold War-era missile silo? Hey it's 2020, you never know what you could use it for! Cody shows us a 49-acre site in Nebraska that's up for auction next week. That's today's Show and Tell!
Dave's "Whip" - Part 2Coming back from the break, we drop a little E-40 on Dave and tell him to Google "ghost ride the whip." Maybe Dave will try this in the near future (we'll put it online when he does.)
Dave's "Whip" - Part 1So a regular Traffic report from Dave Grashoff in Rover turned into a discussion about Dave's son borrowing his car (or his "whip" as his son called it). Court LOSES it, John and Cody discuss the pronunciation of "whip," and Dave needs to look up the definition of "ghost ride."
Question of the Day 8/5/2020Q of the D
Being RuebenA remarkable teen has a multitude of talents and is giving the world a closer look at his life. We learn more about his new documentary series called "Being Rueben."
The Place"The Place" in Roseville is serving up some delicious Italian dishes.
Trivia Toast 8/5/2020Trivia Toast
Photo RestorationA local business is helping folks bring their photographs back to life. Dina has a look at the restoration process.
Learning Curve, Part 3Lori is at West Park High in Roseville with details on their Panther Pickup Day.
Poor Red's, Part 2Ashley is back at Poor Red's for a look at their famous cocktail.
Wine WeekThis week, Sacramento is celebrating all the great wineries in our region, and John spoke with the co-founder of River City Wine Week.
Good Day RewindGood Day Rewind 8/5/2020
Court's Tune!It's another edition of Court's Tune, so you'd better run like the wind!
Poor Red's BBQPoor Red's is still dishing up cocktails, desserts, and other great food during the pandemic, and Ashley takes a look.
Learning Curve, Part 2There's a brand new high school opening in Roseville and Lori has a sneak peek.
Clay Purse for PlantsA local teacher, wife, mom, and crafter has put her time to good use by creating boho-inspired clay purse plant holders.
Mobile MakeupA local makeup artist is taking her service on the road, thanks to her new mobile studio.
Reset and RechargeCourtney is with a body language expert to learn ways to reset and recharge when dealing with stress.

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