Saving Lives And Staying StrongA Modesto nurse is strong both on and off the emergency room floor.
Oops! Slight Mishap Caught On TV!During the Seniors in the Ocho segment of Good Day, Director Jonathan Meris had a sight slip and tumble. He's ok now, but see how it happened.
Johnnie's Jams Featuring Jonathan MerisToday we're celebrating National Hydration Day, so naturally Director Jonathan Meris selects jams and artists that have to do with water. See if you know these jams!
Question of the DayToday's QOTD: What's a good movie to see at the drive-in?
Water Conservation TipsWith a drought upon us, it's our responsibility to conserve water. Lori Wallace is with a conservation expert giving us tips on how to conserve water. Take notes!
Tolenas WineryWould you like to enjoy a movie night and wine? Tolenas Winery has the ticket for you! See how you can enjoy a good bottle of vino while watching a classic movie!
WikiWho?John Dabkovich has you WikiWho? fix! Today's edition: RuPaul, Ron Paul, or Paul Simon. How well do you know your Pauls?
Coming Back: The Co-Op SpotTired from working at home? Don't feel like going to the office? Check out The Co-Op Spot! You can work in this place while being in a fun and comfortable atmosphere!
Learning How To Ice DyeJulissa Ortiz is at The Wildest Company in Davis and they're showing us how to Ice Dye clothing! See how you can buy one of these creative clothes.
<< Good Day Rewind <<Here's what you missed on today's show.
Trivia ToastToday's Trivia Toast: Batman
Thursday Night Makers MarketLooking for something to do on Thursday night while supporting local? Check out Thursday Night Makers Market every Thursday and Julissa Ortiz tells you how you can be there!
Fairfield PAL Skate NightsDo you like to roller skate? We're in Fairfield and we're showing you how you can go to their PAL Skate Nights and enjoy a night of roller skating! See how, here!
Nash & ProperMs. Elk Grove, Lori Wallace is in Elk Grove at Nash & Proper giving us a sneak peek on their delicious dishes! Everything from fried chicken to greens to cornbread! If you want great food, check out Nash & Proper in Elk Grove!
Batwoman's Camrus JohnsonCody talks to Batwoman's Camrus Johnson. who plays Luke Fox on CW's hit show! See what he has to say about this season's show!
Dixon Wrestling ChampionA Dixon High School student is making some history on the mat! Ashley Williams is meeting wrestling champion Bella Ngo!
Summertime Shoe DriveSome local college students are home on summer break, and they're doing some good with their time off! Julissa joins them to talk about their summer shoe drive!
Local Wrestling ChampionAshley Williams is in Dixon with a local wrestling champions and she shares with us wrestling take down moves! See how Ashley does against this champ!
New Belgium Brewery's "Torched Earth Ale"New Belgium Brewery is looking into the future, to see what beer might taste like if global climate change wreaks havoc on regular beer ingredients. Katie Wallace from New Belgium joins Cody to talk about "Torched Earth Ale," and John and Cody give it a taste!
Court's Tune - 6/23Courtney's here with today's Court's Tune! She's got "pink" songs for us to guess, play along with us!
Get Your Pet Ready For Summer!Get your pet ready for summer with some new gear! Charlotte Reed, the "Petrendologist," joins Courtney with lots of great ideas!
Water Conservation IdeasCalifornia is heading into another drought, and you may be looking for ways to save water. Lori Wallace is with Nick from Bonney Heating and Air getting some conservation tips!
Seniors In The Ocho - 6/23, Part 2It's time again for Seniors In The Ocho! Congratulations to the Class of 2021, keep sending those pictures in!
Seniors In The Ocho - 6/23, Part 1It's time again for Seniors In The Ocho! Congratulations to the Class of 2021, keep sending those pictures in!

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