Dad Joke of the DayCheck out today's Dad Joke of the Day
Richard ThomasCody talks to an all time favorite: Richard Thomas! He gives us preview of "The Waltons' Homecoming" coming out November 28th!
Alice in WonderlandAshley Williams is in Galt where there's a collaboration between Galt High School and Liberty Ranch High School with their "Alice in Wonderland" production. Check out this sneak peek before heading out to Galt to enjoy this wonderful play!
Question of the Day - 11/17Tina rejoins us from Corti Brothers with today's Question of the Day: what's a store-bought snack that you would recommend?
New Snacks at Corti Brothers!Something new is roasting at Corti Brothers in East Sacramento! Tina is checking out some new roast-at-home almond kits!
Choose Your News...The LeftoversEarlier the anchors had the chance to pick their news. Now, it's the leftovers! What crazy stories they DIDN'T choose!
<< Good Day Rewind <<Here's what you missed on today's show!
Elf The MusicalAshley Williams is in Woodland and they're giving us a preview of "Elf The Musical"! Get a sneak peek performance and is he Cody's doppleganger?
Choose Your NewsThese are the crazy, but true, stories that the anchors gets to pick! Can you believe these wacky stories?
Hydrating SkincareAre you in need of skin hydration? We have a solution for you! Check out these products to help moisten your skin!
Teen's Tune - 11/17Tina moves flawlessly from fanPAWstic news to Teen's Tune! Today, it's a mashup of artists that Tina has seen in concert! Play along with us!
FanPAWstic NewsNow, some finely curated Instagram and TikTok videos, as Tina brings us some fanPAWstic news!
Pizzeria LubaLori Wallace is in Auburn at Pizzeria Luba and they're cooking us some calzone! See what tasty dishes they have for you!
Pizzeria Luba in AuburnThere's a pizza spot in Auburn that's new to the neighborhood, and they're using only the freshest ingredients! Lori Wallace is at Pizzeria Luba, meeting the owners and having a look around!
Pit Liquor Natural DeodorantThere's an all-natural deodorant that's made with booze! Erica and Jason are the creators of "Pit Liquor," and they join John and Cody to tell us about their product! Of course, John and Cody have to give it a try...
Bronze In The CityHave you been wanting to get that Winter tan but are just too busy to go to the tanning salon? We have a solution for you! Check out Bronze In The City! A MOBILE tanning boutique!
Hoop To Feed The Hungry Fundraiser in OrangevaleThe 2nd Annual "Hoop To Feed The Hungry" is coming up this Saturday, and Ashley Williams is at Casa Roble High in Orangevale finding out how you can help!
Fall Overhaul With Mickey WilliamsIf the year or the season has you drained, there's no better time for a full-body refresh! Mickey Williams with "Share The Glam" joins Courtney to show us some easy and inexpensive beauty tips and ideas!
"Home Made For the Holidays"Earlier, we saw the Christmas decor at The Feathered Nest in Loomis, now Julissa is talking to Brandie, Ryan and Shannon about their new show on The Design Network, Home Made for the Holidays!
"Star Trek: Discovery"Cody is geeked out and talking to the stars of "Star Trek: Discovery". They give us a sneak peek at Season 4 and what we can expect!
The Feathered NestJulissa Ortiz is in Loomis at The Feathered Nest and they're getting us ready for the holidays! See what holiday decorations you can use to spruce up your place!
Dad Joke of the DayCheck out today's Dad Joke of the Day
Midtown MuttsAre you too busy to walk or train your dog? We may have the solution for you! Ashley Williams is in MIdtown Sacramento with the owner of Midtown Mutts. Check out their services you can use to help Fido.
A Clusterfunke ChristmasJohn Dabkovich talks to the stars of Comedy Central's, "A Clusterfunke Christmas"! They give us a sneak peek of this hilarious movie! See when you can watch this awesome flick!

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