Good Day Rewind 3/5/2021Good Day Rewind 3/5/2021
Tunes with a Twist 3/5/2021Tunes with a Twist 3/5/2021
Shanice & FlexThey're a Hollywood couple that likes to take it up a few octaves!
Corner Scone BakeryThe owner of Corner Scone Bakery joins us from Lodi to tell us about their delicious creations.
Dinosaur Drive-ThroughGet ready to roar at the largest dinosaur experience in the country!
Old Home Gets a New LifeOne Woodland home has a lot of history in its walls and it recently got a makeover.
Sheriff: Stockton Arson Suspect Allegedly Swung Improvised Weapon At Deputy During ChaseA man is not only suspected of trying to start a fire at a Stockton-area market, authorities say he also allegedly swung an improvised weapon at a deputy.
Trivia Toast 3/4/2021Trivia Toast 3/4/2021
Officer Candidate SchoolA girl from the 209 is on a mission to make her mark in the Navy. Cody finds out how she is planning on surviving Officer Candidate School.
Question of the Day - 3/4We close out a Throwback Thursday with today's Question of the Day: What snack do you have with your morning beverage? Thanks for watching, we appreciate you hanging out with us today! See you tomorrow morning at 4:30, set that alarm!
Kara's Teaching TipsA local mom is helping parents get through the pandemic with fun teaching tips!
Wiki Who? - 3/4John Dabkovich is BACK with another edition of Wiki Who?, where he scours wikipedia entries of the rich and/or famous to bring us nuggets of information in a quiz-show format! Today our subjects are Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Jerry O'Connell, who gets mistaken for Jason Bateman A LOT. Play along with us!
The Voices of SpongebobIt's launch day for Paramount+, so why not celebrate by watching a new spinoff of a Nickelodeon classic? Spongebob!
Court's Tune - 3/4Welcome to a Thursday Court's Tune, where we play tunes from the year John got married, and then John forgets what year he got married. There's a perfectly good explanation...or is there?
Black Coffee RoasteryJulissa went to Black Coffee Roastery to find out how to make the perfect roast.
Pandemic Teaching TipsPandemic Parenting is difficult, but add teaching to that and sometimes it can seem impossible. Local educator Kara Francone joins us from Oakdale to give us some tips.
Yoga ExpertCody checks in with yoga expert Jessie Bennett to learn how to stretch it out!
Baby Chicks!Lori went to Bradshaw Feed and Pet Supply to check out the chicks!
Good Day Rewind - 3/4Here's what you might have missed from today's's the Good Day Rewind!
Hard Knot LifeIf you're running out of things to do during the pandemic, here's a way to keep your mind and fingers busy.
Dad Joke 3/4/2021Dad Joke 3/4/2021
LiceLittle creepy crawlers can make their way into the most inconvenient places. Julissa was at the Prickly Comb, getting checked for lice!
Black Coffee RoasteryWe love highlighting local businesses on Good Day, and Julissa found a home-based business that is roasting up some yummy stuff! She's with Dante Williams from Black Coffee Roastery to show us what they have!
Bradshaw Feed and Pet Supply - They've Got Baby Chicks!Lori Wallace is at Bradshaw Feed and Pet Supply to show us around and introduce us to their baby chickens, and baby turkeys too!

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