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FanPAWstic NewsCheck out today's FanPAWstic News
Pet of the WeekCourtney shows us our cute and cuddly Pet of the Week. Meet: Brownie
Fan Pawstic NewsTina has today's Fan Pawstic News!
FanPAWstic News - 7am 1/10/2021FanPAWstic News - 7am 1/10/2021
Pet of the Week! 12/30/2020Graham Cracker
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 12/29Tina's here with more FanPAWstic news, including a video from Good Day viewer Annie Menking! Her chicken likes whipped cream! Thanks for sending your videos in to!
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 12/28Tina has today's collection of cute animal antics in FanPAWstic News...and a video from Good Day viewer Crystal from Woodland! Thanks for sending it in!
Sacramento SPCA Pet of the Week - Meet Aada!Today's pet of the week is the lovely Aada, a senior kitty at the Sacramento SPCA! She needs a home, help Aada out if you can! Such a sweet kitty!
Fan-PAW-Stic News - 12/12We put all our cute animal stories into one comprehensive segment. It's fantastic! No, it's Fan-PAW-Stic! Tina Macuha has your FanPAWstic News!
Sacramento SPCA Pet of the Week - Meet Dobby!It's time to meet another adorable, adoptable friend! Marnie Musser from the Sacramento SPCA joins Courtney to introduce us to Dobby, a terrier/chi mix!
Pet of the Week 12/3/2020Meet Ginger!
FanPAWstic News 11/30/2020FanPAWstic News 11/30/2020
I'm Cute, Adopt Me! - Peanut!Open your heart to a furry animal with a little help from the SPCA. Open your heart to Peanut!
Ugly Pet Sweater Competition In TracyHave some holiday fun with your fur baby! All you have to do is dress them in a tacky sweater.
Pet of the Week - 11/19 - Meet Rio!It's time to meet our Sacramento SPCA Pet of the Week, and also find out about an online auction going on NOW benefitting the SPCA! Let's meet Rio!
FanPAWAstic News with Tina - 11/16Curious meerkats, singing kittens and a man using a cat to demonstrate how to bathe a baby (the cat seems to love it)! And as always, a local animal joins in the fun, Tina's here with today's FanPAWstic News!
Pet of the Week - 11/12/2020Caramel the Guinea Pig
Tina's FanPAWstic News - 11/10Tina has today's edition of FanPAWstic news, lots of cute animals in this one! Hedgehogs, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas, oh my!
Our Pet of the Week - Meet Coco!It's time to meet our SPCA Pet of the Week, it's Coco the Bulldog! She's waiting for someone to take her home!
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 11/3Tina is in Folsom bringing us today's FanPAWstic news! Sleeping Shibas, baby beavers, and a cat that hates the beach!
Pet of the Week - Meet Harley!He's litter box trained and he likes to be held like a baby! No it's not John Dabkovich, it's our Sacramento SPCA pet of the week! Harley is an 8-month old mini lop and we're all in love with him!
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 10/27Tina's here with another edition of FanPAWstic News! Very, VERY cute animals today...enjoy!
Pet of the Week - FelixLet's meet Felix! He wants to live with you.
FanPAWstic news with...Cody Stark?Uh oh, Cody is mowing on Tina's lawn...oh she gave him permission? OK, then. Cody is here with Tina's FanPAWstic News! Pandas, Yorkies, and Puggles? Oh my!

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