FanPAWstic News 4/4/2021

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FanPAWstic News 4/4/2021FanPAWstic News 4/4/2021
FanPAWstic News with Tina! - 3/28Beavers shutting down subways, March Madness at the zoo, and the gorillas at the San Diego Zoo sharpen up their reading skills...Tina's here with today's FanPAWstic news!
FanPAWstic News 3/21/2021FanPAWstic News 3/21/2021
Daylight Savings TipsWe have 5 Daylight Saving Tips for you to get adjusted to Daylight Savings Time.
Women's Fashion HistoryIn honor of International Women's Day and Women's Fashion History, we're at R. Douglas Custom Clothier where we look at some examples of powerful women in the world today and how you can dress like them.
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 3/8Tina's here with today's FanPAWstic News! Birds, dogs, cats, she's got it all! And Liberty the Yorkie, from viewer Tamy Pitman!
Question of the Day - 3/4We close out a Throwback Thursday with today's Question of the Day: What snack do you have with your morning beverage? Thanks for watching, we appreciate you hanging out with us today! See you tomorrow morning at 4:30, set that alarm!
FanPAWstic News 2/27/2021FanPAWstic News 2/27/2021
FanPAWstic News...of the Weird? - 2/23We love a good mashup here on Good Day, and Court's mowing on Tina AND Cody's lawn today as she brings us some FanPAWstic News of the Weird!
FanPAWstic News 2/20/2021FanPAWstic News 2/20/2021
Tunes with a Twist 2/19/2021Tunes with a Twist 2/19/2021
FanPAWstic News - 2/15Penguins? Donkeys getting married? And BABY PANDAS? Yes, please! Tina is here with FanPAWstic News, and a kitten named "Garbanzo!"
FanPAWstic NewsCheck out today's FanPAWstic News
Fan Pawstic NewsTina has today's Fan Pawstic News!
FanPAWstic News - 7am 1/10/2021FanPAWstic News - 7am 1/10/2021
This Segment Blows, 10am Part 2More blowing!
More Blanket Deliveries for Good Day Viewers!Dave Grashoff is back in Sacramento with more blanket deliveries! This time he's with Chrissy and her 5-year old daughter Chloe, and Chloe COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED to get some blankets and pillows! Thanks again to Good Day viewer Carol Ruby in Rio Vista for making these beautiful blankets and spreading the joy!
Blanket Delivery to Suzie in Tracy!Dave Grashoff has been traveling all over the region to deliver blankets made by Good Day viewer he's in Tracy dropping a blanket off to viewer Suzie!
Rover, Come Over! Dave Delivers Blankets to North Sacramento!Dave met Good Day viewer Carol Rudy yesterday, and today he's delivering her homemade blankets to viewers all over the area! He's in North Sacramento now delivering blankets to Simone and Omar and their family! Oh, and GO PACK GO!
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 12/29Tina's here with more FanPAWstic news, including a video from Good Day viewer Annie Menking! Her chicken likes whipped cream! Thanks for sending your videos in to!
Rover, Come Over! Dave Brings Blankets to Viewer Jessica!Yesterday, Dave met viewer Carol Rudy, who wanted to share her homemade blankets and pillows with some other Good Day viewers! Today, Dave is in Sacramento with viewer Jessica, giving some of them away.
FanPAWstic News with Tina - 12/28Tina has today's collection of cute animal antics in FanPAWstic News...and a video from Good Day viewer Crystal from Woodland! Thanks for sending it in!
Fan-PAW-Stic News - 12/12We put all our cute animal stories into one comprehensive segment. It's fantastic! No, it's Fan-PAW-Stic! Tina Macuha has your FanPAWstic News!
FanPAWstic News 11/30/2020FanPAWstic News 11/30/2020

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