Heartland Docs, DVMCourtney talks to doctors Erin and Ben Schroeder from Nat Geo WILD's "Heartland Docs, DVM" and how to care for pets when the weather gets bad.
The DoctorsCourtney talks to Dr. Ian Smith of the show "The Doctors" He tells us about the new episodes for this year and what you don't want to miss. Also Cody asks for advice as to what he should do with his bum back.
The Misery IndexJohn Dabovich talks to the stars of the Misery Index as they give us a sneak peek of Season 3 which debuts today on TBS.
Tyler Perry's SistasCourtney talks to two of the stars of "Tyler Perry's Sistas" and they give us a preview of their midseason premiere which airs tomorrow on BET.
Teen Mom OGJohn Dabkovich talks to two moms of the hit show on MTV, "Teen Mom OG" The premiere for season 2 starts today and they give us a sneak peek of the show!
Victoria KonefalCody talks to Victoria Konefal who plays Ciara Brady on "Days of our Lives" and what it's like to play that role. Victoria also plays Maskarades with the Good Day cast and does a great impression of a flamingo!
"Palmer"Cody and Courtney talk to the Fisher Stevens and Ryder Allen, the director and star of the Apple TV+ film, "Palmer"
Shirley MurdockYou've heard her in the mid 80's sing popular R&B songs. Shirley Murdock talks to Courtney about her new songs "Someday" and "People Get Ready" as well as her hits in the past.
Leah ReminiCody and Courtney talk to Leah Remini about being the host of Game Show Network's new show "People Puzzler"
Resident AlienCody talks to Alan Tudyk, the star of the new show, "Resident Alien" and how the show premiere's on Wednesday on SYFY.
90 Day Bares AllJohn Dabkovich talks to the host of "90 Day Bares All". Shaun Robinson tells us what we can expect on this no limit version of "90 Day Fiance" only seen on Discovery +.
Go-Big Show(Dorky) Cody (Stark) talks to (Cool) Cody (Rhodes) about his new show: Go-Big Show on TBS. They talk about the daring acts and the panel of the most unique judges of the show.
Go-Big Show(Dorky) Cody (Stark) talks to (Cool) Cody (Rhodes) about the new show: Go-Big Show on TBS. They talk about the daring acts on the show and the panel of the most unique judges of the show.
Faithe HermanCody talks to "This Is Us" actress Faithe Herman. They talk about her past TV Shows and movies that she has been in and what to expect on her current show.
13-Year Old Movie DirectorWhat were you doing when you were 13-years old? Playing video games? Playing sports? Skateboarding? Directing a movie? Meet Cesaly Maldonado, the writer, producer and director of the movie, "Unreal". Oh and by the way, she's 13-years old!! Julissa met up with her in Lodi, to see how Cesaly got into showbiz!
Nancy DrewJohn talks to Kennedy McMann, the star of the hit TV show "Nancy Drew". She gives us a sneak peek on what season 2 has to offer!
Taye Diggs in All AmericanCourtney talks to Taye Diggs about the upcoming season of All American.
6 Degrees with Mike RoweCourtney and John talk to Mike Rowe about his new show on Discovery Plus: 6 Degrees with Mike Rowe.
Go-Big ShowThe anchors talk to Jennifer Nettles, one of the judges on the new show "Go-Big Show" on TBS. She gives us a sneak peek on the first couple episodes.
BatwomanCourtney Dempsey talks to Javicia Leslie about her new role as Batwoman on the CW
Hosts of Discovery's 'A Perfect Planet'We talked to the hosts of Discovery's new show "A Perfect Planet" and got a sneak peek of the show's upcoming episodes.
Seal TeamJohn D. talks to Neil Brown, Jr. from CBS' hit show, "Seal Team" as he gives us an incite on tonight's show.
Nature Gone Wild on A&ECourtney talks to the host of A&E's new show: Nature Gone Wild to give us a sneak peek on what we'll see on the new show.
"Cal Fire"John and Court talk to firefighters of the show "Cal Fire", which airs on The Discovery Channel and what these heroes endure during the tough fire season.

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