911 ContinuesWe talk to the star of "911 Continues", Corinne Massiah and she tells us her experience being on the show and balancing acting with going to school.
Red Bull Raid, 3/16American World Cup Alpine Ski Racer and Olympian Daron Rahlves joins us to talk about the only mountain event in the world that combines uphill skill with downhill mastery!
"The Last Glaciers"A new documentary is taking a close look at what's happening to the Earth's glaciers, and it's getting a special showcase in Sacramento.
"Bar Rescue" is Back!We talk to the host of "Bar Rescue", John Taffer about the new upcoming season of the show!
Good Day Rewind - 3/15Check out some of our best from today's show!
"Beyond The Edge"We talk to Ray Lewis and Paulina Porizkova about their new show on CBS
Women's History Month - Historic FactsWomen's History Month - Historic Facts
Good Day Rewind - 3/11Here are some of our best (and goofiest) moments from today's show!
Good Day Rewind 3/10/2022Good Day Rewind 3/10/2022
Tom Selleck!We talk to the fabulous Tom Selleck about the 250th episode of "Blue Bloods"
Morgan JamesWe talk to Broadway sensation and Modesto native, Morgan James as she give us a preview of her next performance and her experience on Broadway.
Good Day Rewind - 3/8Here are some of our silliest moments from today's show!
Good Day Rewind 3/7/2022Good Day Rewind 3/7/2022
Olivia LiangThe star of CW's hit show "Kung Fu" joins us to give us a sneak peek on season 2! See what Olivia Liang has to say about her new season!
Good Day Rewind 3/4/2022Good Day Rewind 3/4/2022
"The Equalizer" Star Liza Lapira Joins Us!CBS' "The Equalizer" is bringing awareness to a serious issue in their next episode. Liza Lapira ("Mel") joins Courtney and Cody to tell us about the show!
Good Day Rewind 3/3/2022Good Day Rewind 3/3/2022
"Power Rangers: Dino Fury" Stars Join Us!The Netflix series "Power Rangers: Dino Fury" returns for another action-packed season! Russell Curry ("Red Ranger") and Hunter Deno ("Pink Ragner") join Cody and Courtney to tell us more about the show!
GhostsWe talk to the stars of CBS' new show "Ghosts"
Good Day Rewind - 3/2If you think you might have missed something during the show today, here's where you can catch up! It's the Good Day Rewind!
"Tall Girl 2" Star Johanna Liauw Joins Us!"Tall Girl 2" is now streaming on Netflix, and star Johanna Liauw (she is tall, she's 6'!) joins Cody to talk about the movie!
Good Day Rewind - 3/1Here are some of the silly moments you might have missed from today's show!
Anne-Carolyne BinetteThis up and coming actress is starring in a zombie film that's perfect for those who like a little bit of grit in their movies.
Good Day Rewind 2/28/2022Good Day Rewind 2/28/2022

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