Ted LassoFanboy #1, John Dabkovich talks to the stars of "Ted Lasso" about Season 1 and the highly anticipated, upcoming Season 2.
Good Day Rewind - 3/8Just in case you missed something from today's show, we've got the Good Day Rewind to get you caught up!
Good Day Rewind 3/5/2021Good Day Rewind 3/5/2021
Shanice & FlexThey're a Hollywood couple that likes to take it up a few octaves!
The Voices of SpongebobIt's launch day for Paramount+, so why not celebrate by watching a new spinoff of a Nickelodeon classic? Spongebob!
Good Day Rewind - 3/4Here's what you might have missed from today's show...it's the Good Day Rewind!
"Delilah" on OWN - The Stars Join UsMaahra Hill and Jill Marie Jones from the new show "Delilah" on OWN join Courtney and Cody to tell us about the show!
Good Day Rewind - 3/3If you missed a little today, you missed a LOT. Here's some of those moments you might have missed in today's Good Day Rewind!
Tim Murphy Talks Irish Whiskey With CodyIt's National Irish Whiskey Day! Tim Murphy ("Sons of Anarchy") joins Cody to talk about McConnell's Irish Whiskey.
"Madi" - New Graphic NovelA highly anticipated graphic novel has hit bookstands after their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign! Duncan Jones and Alex de Campi join Cody to talk about "Madi: Once Upon a Time in the Future!"
Ted LassoJohn Dabkovich and Cody talk to the stars of "Ted Lasso" about Season 2 and they say impersonation is the highest form of flattery. Watch to find out!
<< Good Day Rewind <<Here's what you missed on today's show. (Hint: Director Jonathan Meris attempts to dance...TWICE)
Good Day Rewind - 3/1If you feel that you missed anything during the show this morning, here's a chance to catch up! It's the Good Day Rewind!
"Basketball Wives" on VH1VH1's "Basketball Wives" shows the drama that goes on off the court. Liza Morales joins Courtney to tell us about the upcoming season!
78th Golden GlobesEntertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier joins us as he talks to the winners of the 78th Golden Globes
Good Day Rewind - 2/26Here's all the funny stuff you missed from today's show...if you missed it at all! Here's the Good Day Rewind!
"The Ts Madison Experience" on WeTVAre you ready for "The Ts Madison Experience?" I don't think you are! Ts joins Courtney to tell us how things are going to go down on the new show!
Jasika NicoleCody talks to the beautiful Jasika Nicole about her new role in the reboot "Punky Brewster". Also, she's breaks Cody's heart by NOT having Auburn as her favorite university.
Good Day Rewind - 2/25Maybe you missed a funny moment from the show today...hopefully not, but if you did, catch them here! It's the Good Day Rewind!
"Clarice" Star Kal Penn Joins UsThe new CBS drama "Clarice" is a deep dive into the personal story of an FBI agent returning to the field in a post - "Silence of the Lambs" story. Kal Penn (Ermin Grigoryan on the show) joins Cody to talk about the upcoming episodes!
"Don't Waste Your Pretty"Courtney talks to the stars of TV One's "Don't Waste Your Pretty" and what to expect during the movie's premeire!
Ted LassoCody and John talk to the starts of "Ted Lasso" as they give us a sneak peek of Season 2.
Good Day Rewind - 2/24Maybe you missed some of the funny moments from today's show...never fear! Here's the Good Day Rewind to get you caught up!
"Tough As Nails" ContestantJulissa Ortiz is in Roseville with Retired Air Force Colonel, Merryl Tengesdal, who is a Sacramento local that happens to be on CBS' newest competition show "Tough As Nails". She talks about what happened in tonight's episode.

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