Good Day Rewind 9/25/2020

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Good Day Rewind 9/25/2020Good Day Rewind 9/25/2020
Jasmine Cephas-JonesThis guest won an Emmy for best actress in a short form comedy or drama, and that put her in the record books. Cody talks with Jasmine Cephas-Jones.
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Kevin Frazier's Emmy WrapKevin Frazier from Entertainment Tonight was live with us to recap Sunday's EMMY Awards.
Good Day Rewind 9/18/2020Good Day Rewind 9/18/2020
The DoctorsThe Emmy award-winning series, The Doctors, is back with a news host and a new format. Court learns more about season 13.
Good Day Rewind 9/17/2020Good Day Rewind 9/17/2020
Mo WillemsMo Willems started his career as a writer and animator on Sesame Street, and now he's headed to HBO Max. Cody chats with him.
Good Day Rewind 9/16/2020Good Day Rewind 9/16/2020
Dave KozA little jazz, summer heat, and a cold glass of chardonnay. Grammy-winning saxophonist, Dave Koz, has a new album out and it has quite the New York feel!
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John PardiFirst John Pardi's mom, now John Pardi! Cody Stark spoke with him live via ZOOM ahead of the Country Music Awards where he has been nominated for "Album of the Year."
Good Day Rewind - 9/14We compiled all the best moments from today's show in the Good Day Rewind!
Dr. PhilThe 19th season of Dr. Phil premieres today, Sept. 14th. Our John Dabkovich spoke with Dr. Phil McGraw live via ZOOM to talk about the season opener.
Good Day Rewind 9/10/2020Good Day Rewind 9/10/2020
Good Day Rewind 9/9/2020Good Day Rewind 9/9/2020
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Good Day Rewind 9/3/2020Good Day Rewind 9/3/2020
Good Day Rewind 9/2/2020Good Day Rewind 9/2/2020

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