Building, wood burning, playing with epoxy, refinishing old furniture -- these are just samples of the cool stuff that Jamie Dempsey does at Blue House in Sacramento.

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Heat Safety: Why Leaving A Child Or Pet In A Car Can Be A Deadly MistakeDetails here: While it's no secret that leaving a pet or child in a hot car can be dangerous, CBS13 Meteorologist Tracy Humphrey explains precisely why you should look before you lock. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise 20 degrees in as little as 10 minutes and 50 degrees in an hour- even if the temperature outside is only 70 degrees.
Question Of The Day - 5/25We close out a Wednesday show with Tina's Question of the Day: What food does your tummy not like anymore? Oh, boy...this has some possibilities. Stick around until the end!
Jered James Nichols Joins Us!Guitar GOD Jered James Nichols is in town this weekend at Folsom Saloon! He joins Cody to talk about the upcoming concert, and also to MELT SOME FACES!
Paris Playroom at Kaiser RosevilleA playroom at a local pediatric center is taking patients on a fancy French getaway, without having to get on a plane! Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Kent Jolly joins Courtney to talk about this amazing experience for young patients!
Good Day Rewind - 5/25If you think you missed a funny moment on the show today, here's where you can find it! It's the Good Day Rewind!
Car Catches Fire While Driving Down Highway 99 In South SacramentoA south Sacramento driver had a close call when their car caught fire while driving down highway 99.
The HautebarWe're joined by The Hautebar and they're showing us how important self care is! See what products they have to help improve your well being!
Kids Farmers MarketMolly Riehl is in Placerville where they are having a Kids Farmers Market! See what items these kids have for the farmers market!
Granite Bay Non-Profit Helps Heal People Through HorsesCBS13's Dina Kupfer was in Granite Bay at Hearts Landing Ranch where she learned about how the nearly decade long running facility helps people with their mental health.
Children's Business FairLori Wallace is in Roseville at Acton Academy and they're showing kids how to run a business. See how these kids are getting real world business experience as they sell their products.
"Tom Swift"We talk to the stars of the new CW show, "Tom Swift". See what they have to say about CW's newest hit show!
Teen's Tune - 5/25Time for a Wednesday Teen's Tune! Since it's going to be SO HOT today, Tina has some weather-related songs for us to guess! Play along with us!
Indian Creek Elementary Farmer's Market - PlacervilleFrom birdhouses to homemade soap to produce grown right on campus, students at Placerville's Indian Creek Elementary have been working hard for their annual farmer's market! Molly Riehl is there, getting a sneak peek at the big event!
House AthleticsNeed something for you kiddos to do this summer? We're at House Athletics and they are having Summer sessions for your kids! See what activities and sports your kids can participate in to keep them busy this Summer.
Children's Business Fair - RosevilleA local school is hosting their annual Children's Business Fair, with over 100 student-run businesses featured! Lori Wallace is at Acton Academy in Roseville, checking it out!
Bike 4Alz Cross-Country Trek!Bike4Alz Team 10 will be passing through California this week for the Cross Country Alzheimer's Bicycle Ride Fundraiser. This year's team has a goal of netting over $100,000 for Alzheimer's research. Ashley is chatting with the riders before they take off!
Fillo's FoodsThis family-owned brand reimagined traditional Latin American dishes, and created a line of quick-heat, ready-to-eat bean dishes! Tina is making up some of Fillo's Foods' creations, and everyone gives them a try!
Summer Toy Ideas!Keep your little ones entertained during the summer, and get them away from those screens! The Toy Association's Kristin Morency Goldman joins Courtney to tell us about some of the hot summer toys!
Fourk KitchenLori Wallace is at the new Fourk Kitchen and they're showing us their tasty dishes! See what you can have when you go to Fourk Kitchen in the near future!
Danica PatrickIndycar and NASCAR star Danica Patrick joins us to talk about the Indy 500 and what foods would go well to eat while watching the Indy 500 this weekend.
DJOTDCheck out today's Dad Joke of the Day
Sacramento Mural AlleyDo you like murals and want to see a few beautiful creations? Ashley Williams is in Mural Alley where artists showcase their artwork for you to see.
Meet The Sloths at the Sacramento ZooWe're at the Sacramento Zoo and this is your chance to meet the Sloths! See these awesome creatures as the Sacramento Zoo this weekend!
The Grad "Walk"Tina "The Tutor" Macuha is with a local high school grad and Tina is showing her how to "walk" during the graduation ceremony. See how well the tutor helps this student accept her diploma.

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