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Teen's TuneTina has your tunes! Do you know these songs?
Allbreed Cat ShowMolly Riehl is in Dixon at the Allbreed Cat Show and she's giving us a sneak peek of this weekend's show!
Gypsy Cowgirl KitchenThe Gypsy Cowgirl shows us how to hydrate without the drinks with sugar!
Breakfast Club: Crepe-ing OutRetired Executive Chef Joe Chavez joins us to show us how to make crepes! See Jordan and Ashley make delicious crepes!
Leatherby'sI scream, you scream. We're at Leatherby's eating ice cream in Elk Grove and they're showing us their tasty ice cream!
Homemade MusicQueen Ife shows us how you can make homemade music.
Breakfast Club - Chef JoeChef Joe Chavez joins us to cultivate our crepe-making skills!
Music Makes Me Happy - Queen IfeThis online musician is proving that you don't need an insane studio setup to create unique beats!
Elk Grove Restaurant Week - Cafe Elk GroveWe talk with the fine folks at Cafe Elk Grove about what they offer during Elk Grove Restaurant Week.
Meeting 49ers SuperfansMolly checks out a 49er superfan hangout!
Sportsmen's ExpoDo you like the outdoors and the different activities you can do? Check out the Sportsmen's Expo at Cal Expo! They have everything you need for you recreational outdoor activities!
Battin's BagelsDo you like bagels? Do you like New York style bagels? Battin's Bagels is here for you and they deliver! See how you can get these tasty bagels delivered to you!
CBS13 AM News Update 1/22/22Here's your latest weather and news update from Jordan Segundo and Ashley Williams.
Johnnie's Jams Featuring Director Jonathan MerisHe's back! Director Jonathan Meris is here with Johnnie's Jams! This time he covers the 1980's, 90's, and 2000's! Do you know these JAMS?!!
Dad Joke of the DayWe NEED Cody back!! Here's today's Dad Joke of the Day.
Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party!We close out the week with Courtney's question of the day: What ALWAYS makes you happy? Everyone answers, and then we hokey-pokey our way into the weekend! Thanks for joining us, see you tomorrow morning for Good Day Weekend at 7!
Just Win Baby! The Divisional RoundWell, the first round of the playoffs didn't go so well for Johnny the Serb and the Just Win Baby last week, so let's bounce back for the next round! His hands are still wet from all of the money laundering, but Johnny joins us with this week's picks!
Aloha Friday - Jordan's Stir-Fry String Beans!It's's Aloha Friday! Jordan's over in the Good Day kitchen whipping up his Stir-fried string beans!
Good Day Rewind - 1/21It's been a busy Friday, and here's where you can catch up on some of the funny moments from today's show! It's the Good Day Rewind!
Norse Herb CompanyA local business is giving you a way to "smudge" away all the bad vibes! Rachel Wulff is in Land Park checking out the Norse Herb Company!
Monster Jam at Golden 1 Center!(Deep breath, clears throat) THE MONSTER TRUCKS RETURN TO THE GOLDEN ONE CENTER THIS WEEKEND! WE'LL SELL YOU THE WHOLE SEAT BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE! YOUR FAVORITE MONSTER TRUCKS TEAR AROUND THE ARENA ALL WEEKEND...okay, that's enough. Ashley Williams is at the G1C, getting a preview! Bring the earplugs for the kiddos!
Show and Tell - 1/21Time for a Friday Show and Tell! Carmazzi Caramel Corn (they're local!) dropped off a BUNCH of caramel corn! Court and Jordan let us know how you can get some!
Trivia Toast - 1/21Get up a little late this morning and need a slice of toast? How about some Trivia Toast! Courtney's here with today's edition!
Pawn Shop Insider's Valentine's Day Contest!Think you know how many candy hearts are in the jar? You would win a fabulous cash prize! Our Pawn Shop Insider, Warren Anapolsky from California Loan and Jewelry in Downtown Sacramento, has a jar of candy hearts in his shop for Valentine's Day and if you guess right, you could win! He joins Courtney to tell us more!

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