Cyndi Dale is the founder of Chakra Rūpa and an internationally renowned energy healer, speaker, the author of 28 books on energy medicine. She is here to help us use our chakras to decorate our homes for the holidays.

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Proposed CA Bill Allows Kids As Young As 12 To Get Vaccinated Without Parental ConsentThere is a new effort underway to allow teens to get vaccinated without their parents' permission. A bill from State Senator Scott Weiner would let kids age 12-17 get the COVID vaccine even without parental consent.
Pedestrian Hit And Killed In Sutter CountyInvestigators are looking into what caused a crash that killed a pedestrian in Sutter County on Friday morning. The incident happened on Natomas Rd. near Keyes Rd. near Pleasant Grove.
Video Shows Wrong-Way Driver On Hwy. 99 Before Hitting OfficerA traffic camera above Hwy. 99 near 12th Ave. in Sacramento captured the moment a wrong-way driver collided with an El Grove Police Department officer on motorcycle.
The Dancer's PantryValentine's Day is right around the corner and The Dancer's Pantry is putting together some fun trays for the special day! Ashley Williams is with Chelsea Farrah to see what fun boards you can order to make V-Day extra scrumptious (they have vegan and gluten-free options, too)!
"NCIS: Hawaii" Stars Join Us!The hit CBS show "NCIS: Hawaii" drops a new episode this coming Monday! Stars Alex Tarrant and Jason Antoon join Jordan to talk about the show!
Dad Joke of the Day With Photographer Steve Garcia!Well, when Cody's off, and John is off, who you gonna call for the Dad Joke of the Day? It's gotta be a dad, right? Photographer Steve Garcia steps in to deliver today's joke! Enjoy!
Vehicles Being Diverted Off Hwy. 99 At 12th Ave. Due To Officer-Involved CrashCHP is diverting some vehicles off southbound Hwy. 99 at 12th Ave. in Sacramento due to a wrong-way crash. The incident reportedly involved an officer.
Crash Closes All Lanes Of Southbound Hwy. 99 At 12th Ave. In SacramentoTraffic is at a standstill on on southbound Highway 99 at 12th Avenue in Sacramento because of a crash. CHP has not yet begun diverting vehicles off the road.
Question of the Day 1/20/2022Question of the Day 1/20/2022
Court's Tune, 10am 1/20/2022Court's Tune, 10am 1/20/2022
Good Day Rewind 1/20/2022Good Day Rewind 1/20/2022
Trivia Toast 1/20/2022Trivia Toast 1/20/2022
Blue HouseBuilding, wood burning, playing with epoxy, refinishing old furniture -- these are just samples of the cool stuff that Jamie Dempsey does at Blue House in Sacramento.
Brahma Bar & GrillBrahma is an upscale, casual, locally-owned bar and grill specializing in house-crafted eats and drinks.
Chair Workout with Donovan GreenCelebrity fitness trainer Donovan Green demonstrates exercises for a full body workout using nothing but a chair!
Pet of the Week - Puppy Palooza!, Part 2More puppies!!!
Community ConnectionA message on social media moved a Police Chief so much that he just had to meet the person who posted it. Julissa brings us their story.
Poppy. - Wonder, Wellness & GiftsAshley visits Poppy., a boutique full of big heart and huge dreams where you can find the perfect gift.
Pet of the Week - Puppy Palooza!Court treats us to what might be one of the cutest Pets of the Week ever!
Pet of the Week 1/20/2022Court treats us to what might be one of the cutest Pets of the Week ever!
FanPAWstic News 1/20/2022FanPAWstic News 1/20/2022
Awesome Alphabet AdventureA local viewer just published his first book, and it's an awesome teaching tool for parents!
American Dad - Rachel MacFarlane and Dee Bradley BakerAmerican Dad returns for its 17th season this Sunday, and we get a look at what's coming!
Dad Joke 1/20/2022Dad Joke 1/20/2022

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