Nothing is normal now, but local businesses are adapting the best they can. Ashley is at the Ice Blocks checking out Pure Barre's outdoor classes.

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Music Makes Me Happy - Gravel & GraceMusic Makes Me Happy - Gravel & Grace
Rolled Ice Cream - We'll Try TomorrowWell, consider this a "deep tease" for tomorrow's show, where Jordan will finish his rolled ice cream! Just wanted to show you what it SHOULD have looked like...tomorrow's gonna be GREAT!
Habitat: Young ProfessionalsHabitat for Humanity's local chapter is getting a boost of youthful energy!
Teen's Tune 2/27/2021Teen's Tune 2/27/2021
Rolled Ice Cream...It's Done! (It's Not Done)Way back in the 7:00 hour, Jordan got his rolled ice cream started (we saw a TikTok video), and we put it in the freezer to chill for the 10:00 hour! Now, it's the 10:00 hour, and, well, it's not ready yet. Let's let Jordan explain...
Kitchen EssentialsTurn yourself into a home-cooking pro with some new kitchen essentials. Rose Zahn shows us how.
Poots Cactus NurseryIf you're feeling curious about buying a cactus, this local nursery has everything you need!
School of Rock Outdoor EventsThe "School of Rock" is ready to help you rock out while dining outdoors! Ashley Williams is at DOCO to tell us when and where, and we check out the talented musicians!
FanPAWstic News 2/27/2021FanPAWstic News 2/27/2021
Music Makes Me Happy - Ava Grace MerchantAn up-and-coming artist from Oakdale is ready to make you smile with her debut album! Ava Grace Merchant joins Tina and Jordan to play us one of her songs!
Stockton Farmer's marketMichael Marks shows us around the produce at the Stockton Farmer's Market.
Youth Football CampAshley checks out a youth football camp in Elk Grove.
Mango Crazy in Modesto!A unique spot in Modesto is adding spice to their sweets, and the flavors might make you go a little crazy! Rosie Diaz from Mango Crazy joins Jordan and Tina to show us all the goodies they offer! YUM!
Jordan Makes Ice Cream RollsJordan tries to make a creamy treat.
CBS13 AM News Update 2/27/21Here's your latest weather and news update from Jordan Segundo and Tina Macuha.
Question of the Day / Friday Dance Party - 2/26Courtney sends us off into the weekend with a question: Who makes you laugh hysterically? Everyone gives their answer, and then we (briefly) dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for joining us today, see you tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
Show and Tell - 2/26Courtney is here with today's Show and Tell. Courtney hosted an event for UOP online and had the opportunity to talk with Tiffany Haddish! We watch a few of the highlights...
Disney Animator With Local RootsAn animator with roots in Sacramento is an important part of the next big Disney movie! Andrew Feliciano joins Cody to talk about "Raya and the Last Dragon!"
Rebuilding Together SacramentoA local non-profit has received a national grant to help fund projects in our community. Tony Perez from Republic Services joins Dina Kupfer to talk about what projects they're funding!
Choose Your News - The Leftovers - 2/26Earlier, John let Courtney, Jordan and Cody "Choose Their News." Now, because we can't let perfectly good news stories go to waste, John is back with the leftovers, the stories they didn't choose. Hope they haven't gone bad...
"Adapting History" - Local Filmmaker Dahlak BraithwaiteA Sacramento native has created a one-man documentary about United States history! Filmmaker Dahlak Braithwaite joins us to talk about "Adapting History," and where you can see it!
Owl Boxes at the Port of StocktonJeff Wingfield from the Port of Stockton joins us again to show us around the port, now he's showing us the owl boxes they have on site! We also take a peek inside the boxes, they have webcams!
Good Day Rewind - 2/26Here's all the funny stuff you missed from today's show...if you missed it at all! Here's the Good Day Rewind!
Local TikTok Teacher Gets SlimedIt's all a fundraiser for the Shriners, and it all started with a teacher making a TikTok account to connect with her students!

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