Food Literacy Center is distributing veggie recipe kits all summer long to reach kids while schools are closed. Each week they pack different recipes! Julissa is talking to the founder and director, Amber Stott.

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Learning Curve - Miss Kissinger's CornerMany schools in the Elk Grove District are kicking off distance learning today. Julissa Ortiz is live with Miss Kissinger (one of our favorite Kinder teachers) to learn more about her virtual setup!
Show and Tell - 8/3FLYING CARS! New Hampshire is introducing legislation to start preparing traffic for flying cars. and Cody is very excited! That's today's Show and Tell.
Ghost KitchenAshley is in Downtown Sacramento where multiple businesses are coming together and operating under a ghost kitchen!
Consumer Sustainability TipsJordan is talking to Rita Katona, Co-Founder and Board Chair of So Good So You, learning about how you can be a sustainable consumer!
LC-Navigate Back to SchoolTina is talking to Child development specialist and parenting contributor, Carly Dorogi of Capital M Media, learning how to tackle the challenges of the upcoming school year!
Don Luis Mexican RestaurantJordan and Tina are learning about Don Luis Mexican Restaurant, a family owned and oriented spot offering permanent outdoor seating in Stockton!
Teen's Tune Weekend: 2014Tina challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Teen's Tune!
Nifty In the NINEWe’re checking in on our old pal Nifty!
Ice Cream Sandwich CakeJordan is showing us how to make an ice cream cake out of ice cream sandwiches! #coolwhip
River Fox TrainAshley is checking out the River Fox Train in West Sacramento, where you can ride in style, and learn about the Gold Rush along the way!
Hollywood Marriage Counselor Pt 2Jordan is back with licensed marriage and family therapist Jennie Marie Battistin, learning about how you can reconnect and save your relationship even during the pandemic!
Peaceful Patio: Dog's OasisAshley is in Sacramento checking out another peaceful patio that's perfect for pups.
Hollywood Marriage CounslorJordan is talking to licensed marriage and family therapist Jennie Marie Battistin, learning all about why so many couples are struggling with their relationships during quarantine.
Music Minute 8/2/20Jordan is getting us caught up on all the latest music news!
Positive Vibes 8/2/20Jordan is sharing some positive news this morning.
Peaceful Patio: Outdoor KitchenAshley is checking out an outdoor patio in El Dorado Hills!
Stretch Break, Kids & GamersHealth Coach Rex Ownes is back to share more stretches you can use to fight tightness in your body!
We're Just Curious - 8/2Tell The Wheel what moment you want to relive!
CBS 13 AM News Update 8/2/20Here's your latest weather and news update from Jordan Segundo and Tina Macuha.
Save Stanely'sThe Community of East Sacramento is on a mission to help a local donut shop that is struggling to survive. Business at Stanely's Donuts is down significantly since COVID-19 and now two local moms are selling t-shirts in support! #OperationSaveStanelys
Leave a Mark From Behind Your MaskHaving problems communicating behind your mask? Us, too! Janel Dyan joins Tina with some tips to communicate better when half of your face is covered!
Happy 100th Birthday, Dorotha!Dorotha Pitts was the Director of Pixie Woods in Stockton for years, and she just celebrated her 100th birthday! Yvonne Sampson from the Pixie Woods Board of Directors joins us to talk about Dorotha's legacy and to celebrate her birthday!
Corvette Caravan for SeniorsAshley Williams is in Eskaton in Placerville as a local Corvette Club does a drive-by parade for the residents there!
Landlord GO! - New Mobile GameJordan is joined by Adam Longhorn from Reality Games to talk about Landlord GO!, a new mobile game.

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