As businesses struggle through this pandemic, the Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC) has launched a free, interactive tool - SizeUp - to level the playing field for small businesses in the region. SizeUp will provide custom market research and data to empower companies to make strategic and data-driven decisions on their next move. This will assist businesses that are struggling or those that have closed, have access to hyper-local information to help them get back to work.

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Show and Tell - 9/28Would you like a coffee table that looks like an old mixtape you made in the 80's? Cody has your hookup in today's Show and Tell!
Can You Flip?Eggs are delicious. Can you flip one in a hot pan? We see if Tina can flip an egg without a spatula!
Live Wall MuralArtist Maren Conrad is adding more than paint to her repertoire. She has created a "live wall" with flowers and shrubs. Julissa Oritz was live with the artist.
Dina-I-Y: Air PurifiersDina Kupfer teamed up with Bonney Air to demonstrate how to make a DIY air purifier.
Choose Your News - 9/28Our producers work semi-hard every morning to find stories to find stories for us to read. Ever since John joined us, however, he has decided to select some stories on his own. Let's "Choose Your News."
Calistoga Ordered To Evacuate Due To Rapidly Growing WildfiresGood Day at 9:00 a.m.The latest on the Glass Fire, which has prompted evacuation orders in Napa and Sonoma counties.
Office Noise GeneratorThere is a website for those of you working at home but miss the office noise. Cody Stark talks with its creator via ZOOM to get more.
Doggie MassagesLori Wallace visited a facility in Citrus Heights that offers canine massage therapy!
Good Day Rewind - 9/28ICYMI, here are the best moments from the show that we could squeeze in to a minute segment!
Teen's Tune - 9/28Tina's here with the Monday edition of Teen's Tune! Rock hits from the 70s and 80s!
Dog Massage TherapistEvery pup deserves a spa day! A Citrus Heights certified canine massage therapist joins Lori Wallace to show how to provide the perfect stress reliever for your four-legged friend!
Sweet Tooth Ice Cream CartIt's time to take your party or small event to the next level! A vintage ice cream cart is the perfect addition to any event, Julissa is joined by Leslie Martin and her ice cream cart, showing us how to indulge your Sweet Tooth!
Learning Curve - Free Online SciencePreparing materials for science experiments is time consuming and expensive for teachers. But a new online science platform is making it much easier! Mary Lui from Learning Without Limits joins Cody to tell us all about it!
Wiki Who? - 9/28It's the "John" edition of Wiki Who? Not including Dabkovich we have 3 Johns!
Go Girl!Fifteen years after being founded in Sacramento, Go Girl Energy has relaunched with a lineup of healthy, clean-energy beverages for busy women and active lifestyles. Julissa was with the founder of Go Girl live to get more!
Dad Joke of the Day - 9/28Today's Dad Joke features a special illustration. Shout out to Dan from Fair Oaks!
Sing it to Me! - 9/28Tina says she picked a song John and Cody should know. We'll see...!
Learning Curve: Mad Science Kids' LabHalloween can be educational with some mad science fun you can do in your own home laboratory! Lori Wallace was live in Sacramento with more info in today's Learning Curve.
Evacuations Now Ordered In Parts Of Sonoma County Due To Glass FireEvacuations have been ordered in Napa and Sonoma counties as a rapidly spreading wildfire burns.
5 a.m. Club Member of the Day - 9/28A special shout out to Kim and Kent! We thank you both for getting up early to watch the show.
5 a.m Club Members - 9/28You're probably stuck at home so join the club!!
The Plant LadyMarlene the Plant Lady joins us again

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