Court is putting up today's bottom of the box ornament!

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We LOVE Bread - Crumb Sourdough Delivery!Crumb Sourdough was nice enough to send Lori Wallace back with some of their goodies! Lori handed it off to Tina and Tina brought it in the studio for everyone! Thank You!
Question of the Day - 9/21Tina's Question: If you had a bike delivery service, what would you deliver?
World Weird Web PurchasesJohn is here with some weird stuff you can buy on the internet (no, not THAT kind of weird). Strictly PG-rated.
FanPAWstic News - 9/21Bet you never knew you could get a Halloween costume for your guinea pig, or meet a dog with more Instagram followers than Ashley Williams AND John Dabkovich! Tina's here with today's FanPAWstic news!
Flowers For Firefighters - Strelitzia Flowers in DavisSpreading a little love to our firefighters, that's what Strelitzia Flowers in Davis is doing! Dave Grashoff is there showing us around.
Rustic Garden Plant TruckAn entrepreneur in Stockton has a unique use for a mobile truck, she has a mobile PLANT truck! You can See Laura Munguia and her mobile plant truck at local farmer's markets, she joins Tina to tell us all about it!
Little Field Farms - Part 2Dina joins us again from Little Field Farm in Loomis, this time she's in the pumpkin patch!
Show and Tell - 9/21Courtney brings us today's Show and Tell, a daddy and his daughter doing an amazing painting!
Teen's Tune - 9/21We caught Tina a little unprepared today, so today's subject is: Songs off of Tina's Phone! Enjoy!
Little Field FarmsSee how you can go to this pumpkin patch opening this weekend!
12th Annual Lottery for the Arts FundraiserThe 12 Annual Lottery for the Arts Fundraiser is coming and see how you can donate to win great art
Fashion ForumFashion Forum....Emmy's Edition!. See who wore what during Emmy's night!
What the Heck is That?Do you know what these items are and what they're used for?
Good Day RewindSee today's hijix that made the air waves
Trivia ToastThink you know all there is to know with the Housewives' tv series? Test your knowledge with today's Trivia Toast
Whystle AppGet the newest app that alerts you of products' recalls or safety issues
Poppy CoffeeIf you like coffee, check out the new coffee establishment in Stockton
What the Heck is That? - 9/21It's one of our favorite games we like to play (and we have a LOT of them)! Randy from Emigh Ace Hardware joins us to play "What the Heck is THAT?"
Pet "Paw-Traits"After her full time position was affected by Covid-19, a Shingle Springs woman pivoted to a career in Art! Jennifer Pearson joins our Lori Wallace to show off her pet "paw-traits" and how you can get yours!
Check This Out! - 9/21Tina has some stuff we should check out: an inflatable chair and footstool, and Peach Skin sheets! Tina finds the most interesting stuff...
Wiki Who? - 9/21John's back with another edition of Wiki Who? This week, he's got famous Nancys!
Soy Into You CandlesSupport a local entrepreneur, who also gives back with each sale! Tina is joined by Sam Zanarini from "Soy Into You" candles!
Dad Joke of the DayJohn tells us our Dad Joke of the Day...compliments of Courtney
Crumb: A Cottage BakeryLori is in Elk Grove showing us the newest bakery that specializes in sourdough bread

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