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Question of the Day Pt 2Tina wants to know, if you could have any kind of pet, what would it be?
BBQ TacosSabrina Silva is in Sacramento stopping by D’s Smoking Pit—a business that helps local organizations with money that they raise on a daily basis!
Doing Good: Bullied Teen TriumphsWe shared a video last week showing a 14-year-old boy getting beat up by some of his classmates. Those bullies stole his bike and took his shoes. Today, we’re getting a chance to meet the Turlock Teen and witness while he gets a special surprise.
Decode Beauty Tools Pt 3Courtney is back in the studio with Kristi Matsunam with more of the latest beauty tools hitting the market.
Team TumoratorThe Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is on a mission to cure blood cancer and three high school students in West Sac are joining the cause! Court is finding out more!
Good Day Rewind 2/17/20In case you missed today’s show, here are some of the best moments! Watch Good Day tomorrow morning and don’t miss another funny or outrageous moment!
Decode Beauty Tools Pt 2Courtney is back in the studio with Kristi Matsunam showing us the latest beauty tools hitting the market.
Wedding Dresses100% female owned and operated, this bridal boutique is focused on quality, design aesthetic and giving back! Julissa Ortiz is in Sacramento getting a look at all the beautiful wedding dresses!
Safe Splash SchoolNew in the Neighborhood! Swimming is a life skill and its NEVER too early or too late to learn how to swim! Lori Wallace is live in Elk Grove where they are making a splash!
What the Kids Are DoingThere's always a new trend taking over the internet and as we get older it can be hard to keep up with the times. That's why we have a new segment called "What The Kids Are Doing"
Trivia Toast Pt 2Court is testing the hosts knowledge on travel symbols.
Proud Parents Pt 2Tina Machua is back in Rio Linda walking with Bear the Cow!
Proud ParentsTina Machua is out in Rio Linda walking an unusual farm animal.
Pop-Up ShopLlacie is a very affordable, high quality and trendy online clothing boutique, and Julissa Ortiz is in Sacramento checking it out!
Pup Birthday PartySabrina Silva is live at Sacramento SPCA, helping celebrate one pups special birthday!
Decode Beauty ToolsWhat the heck is a konjac sponge and why does everyone want to roll stones on their faces? Courtney is with Kristi Matsunam to help decode some of the latest beauty tools hitting the market.
Doing Good: Random Acts of Kindness Pt 2We’re back with Jamie Vilinskas in Lodi celebrating National Random Acts Of Kindness Day!
Court's Tunes: Songs and EmojisTina challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Teen's Tunes.
The Emoji Workout Pt 2Lori Wallace is back at Life Time Roseville trying out the "Emoji Workout"!
CBD Cream for TattoosTattoo Lovers Care is a local CBD product line and Sabrina Silva is in Sacramento at The Iron Monkey checking it out!
Doing Good: Random Acts of KindnessToday Jaimie Vilinskas is helping us celebrate National Random Acts Of Kindness Day with two organizations spreading the love in Lodi.
Women’s HealthThis month, our women's health expert is talking about "The Baby Blues". Courtney is in the studio with Dr. Aisha Taylor with how to tackle Postpartum Depression.
The Emoji WorkoutAre you looking for a unique way to get yourself and your kids working out? Look no further than the "Emoji Workout"! Lori Wallace is live at Life Time Roseville trying it out!
Sing it to meTina challenges the Host’s on their lyrical skills.

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