We are joined in the studio by Laura and Josh Meier to learn about the college must haves when sending your kids off for their education.

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Question of the Day - 2/25All good things must end, and today's Throwback Thursday ends with Courtney's Question of the Day: I'm usually on my best behavior when _____________. Everyone answers, and then we sway off with a final Sea Shanty to the Drew Barrymore show! Thank you so much for watching (bearing with us?) today...we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30!
Throwback Thursday With A Rare Birthday Nod from CodyIt is a Throwback Thursday, and we love to share your pictures you send us! In this last segment of the day, Cody and Courtney throw out a rarely seen Birthday Nod to Linda, thank you to Ellie Joy for sending the picture in!
Happy Birthday, Nature Boy!Good Day wishes a happy 72nd birthday to the the kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, son of a gun...the sixteen-time world champion, Nature Boy, Ric Flair! What's even funnier is watching Cody trying to read all of this without pre-reading it first...WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Axe-ley Williams, Throwing ProfessionalOK, we've already seen Ashley at The Smart Axe, but this time she picks up the sticks and gives it a try...with INCREDIBLE results! Cue it up to the 1:30 mark to see what we're talking about...and then we get a replay with commentary at the end from John, Cody and Court!
The 10:00 Hour Goes Sideways...Again...What begins as a lovely bump shot of the California Coast with some Sea Shanty music turns into a discussion of Irish movies, and then...well, just keep watching. Welcome to the back half of the 10:00 hour, everyone! We've been here 6 hours!
Court's Tune - 2/25, PART 2!Court is BACK AGAIN with Court's Tune! It's a two-fer! More from the glorious year that was 1988!
Trivia ToastToday's Trivia Toast: Etiquette
Hey! It's National Chili Day!We celebrate National Chili Day the only way Good Day can...if you know, then you know.
Jasika NicoleCody talks to the beautiful Jasika Nicole about her new role in the reboot "Punky Brewster". Also, she's breaks Cody's heart by NOT having Auburn as her favorite university.
The "Calligraphy Girl" Shows Us How!Earlier, we met the "Calligraphy Girl" Lara Kiniris, and we got our lesson started. Now, we're finishing up and the results are...mixed. Courtney is doing well, John and Cody are just writing insults to each other. Lara is BRILLIANT, and has the patience of a saint! Thank you for the lesson!
Good Day Rewind - 2/25Maybe you missed a funny moment from the show today...hopefully not, but if you did, catch them here! It's the Good Day Rewind!
Calligraphy GirlThe anchors take Calligraphy lessons from the Calligraphy Girl!
UC Davis Aggies Football Pt. 2Julissa Ortiz is at UC Davis visiting their football team as they get ready for the upcoming football season. Julissa also takes a crash course on how to long snap the ball from a couple of their players.
Court's Tune - 2/25Courtney brings us a Throwback Thursday edition of Court's Tune!. It's not that Court's not down with the Sea Shanties musical theme on today's show, but ARE there throwback Sea Shanties? Discuss amongst yourselves. Instead, here's songs from 1988, Cody's senior year in high school!
TikTok Recipes, Mixed With Comedy!Comic relief + delicious recipes = TikTok success for a local mom! Shannon Payton (officialshannypants on TikTok) joins Lori Wallace to share a little of both!
Wiki Who? - 2/25John's here with another edition of Wiki Who?, where he brings us factoids from the wikipedia pages of the famous, and sometimes not so famous. Today, it's famous Steves!
UC Davis Aggies FootballJulissa Ortiz is UC Davis getting ready for Aggies Football! She's at UC Davis' Health Stadium giving us a preview of the stadium's prep for the upcoming season.
Sacramento SPCA Pet of the Week - Meet Bruce!Kaeli Green from the Sacramento SPCA joins Courtney to introduce us to Bruce, our Pet of the Week!
An Axe-Throwing Experience!Ashley Williams is in Folsom at The Smart Axe where she's showing us how we can get our axe throwing fix!
"Clarice" Star Kal Penn Joins UsThe new CBS drama "Clarice" is a deep dive into the personal story of an FBI agent returning to the field in a post - "Silence of the Lambs" story. Kal Penn (Ermin Grigoryan on the show) joins Cody to talk about the upcoming episodes!
Another Great Midtown Mural at Der BiergartenSacramento's walls and buildings are home to some fantastic murals, and another one is being added to Der Biergarten on K Street! Ashley Williams is there talking to the artist, and also checking out the menu!
Learning TikTok RecipesLori Wallace is in Rocklin with a TikTok star and she's sharing one of her recipes with us.
Show and TellToday's Show and Tell
Underground Clothing ConnectionJulissa Ortiz is at the Sunrise Mall in the Underground Clothing Connection, and she tells us how donating and buying clothes here can go to a great cause.

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