Courtney's got the toast for you all this morning!

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Roller Derby Skater Makes Team USALori Wallace is chatting with Casey Lara, the Veteran who started a not for profit use activity roller derby team just came back from Barcelona having won a gold medal representing USA!!
Lets Play Outside CampCambi Brown is checking out the Durham Ferry Outdoor Education Center is a regional center for STEM and environmental exploration camps for kids.
Phoong Law Operation BackpackCambi is hanging out with Phoong Law, one of our Operation Backpack partners! They are donating $1 for each like their Facebook page gets from now until 7/27!
Local BoxerGiovannie Gonzalez is fighting at the Stockton Civic Center on Friday, August 3rd! And Lori Wallace is learning a couple moves and you can too, he does personal boxing lessons!
News of the Weird: Joker Police Chase, Aus Meth Van Crash, and more!Cody has your strange headlines.
Strauss Festival Pt. 2Cambi Brown is continuing to find out more about the Strauss Festival of Elk Grove.
Strauss FestivalCambi Brown is checking out the Strauss Festival of Elk Grove.
Dad Joke of the Day: FungusCody is here with a joke to make your kids laugh (or groan) at breakfast this morning.
Just Enough Sports: Giants River Cats Intro and more!Cody is here to tell us some interesting stories that are happening in the sports world.
5 A.M. Club MemberTina announces our 5 A.M. Club Member of the day!
Question of the DayTina wants to know, what is your favorite childhood show?
Show & TellCody is showing us something cool.
Question of the Day Pt. 2Tina wants to know, what is the most dare devilish thing you’ve done?
New Elk Grove Spray ParkLori Wallace is checking out a brand new spray park that is open in elk grove it’s a great place to stay cool this summer!
News of the Weird Pt. 2: Pizza Bridal Dress, and more!Cody has your strange headlines.
Kind News Contest WinnerDan Mitchinson is at Red Rover with the Spread Kind News Contest Winner!
Meditation for Mental Health Pt. 2Dina Kupfer is continuing to get her meditation on this Monday morning.
Teen's Tunes: CurrentsTina challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Teen's Tunes.
Meditation for Mental HealthDina Kupfer is getting the scoop from The Art of Living Foundation who is promoting an International Meditation Event Called America Meditates.
Theatre on the VineLori Wallace is checking out Shakespeare on the Vine who are performing at two wineries this weekend: Vannatta (July 26) and Julietta (July 27 and 28).

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