The young man in charge of lighting the tree in Downtown Sac is here to show us how it's done!

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Keeping our Firefighters SafeDina shows us what measures are taken to keep our firefighters safe
Scarlata Farms CellarTina shows us how you can get great recipes from Scarlata Farms Cellar
Firehouse Cookie "Do"Worried about going out and buying cookie dough, when it can come to you! Julissa explains how.
Question of the Day - 10/26Tina's back, yay! She has today's Question of the Day: What makes a great $20 or less housewarming gift? Have a great Monday!
Selling SacramentoLori takes us to a $2 Million mansion in Acampo
Good Day RewindToday was a crazy show! With Tina and Courtney back, the craziness was unlimited! And then there's Director Jonathan Meris twerking....Wait for it....ridiculous.
Scarlata Farms Cellar - Spinach Pear SaladDress up that spinach salad with something sweet! Kim Scarlata from Scarlata Farms Cellar joins Tina to make a yummy Spinach Pear Salad!
Trivia ToastDo you know your modeling trivia? Test yourself here!
Metro Fire Gear SafetyFirefighters all across California have been working hard to help put out the wildfires, and now they're getting what they need when it comes to their gear. Dina Kupfer is in Rancho Cordova with Chris Vestal from Metro Fire to show us how it all works.
Top Secret VideosWe're joined with the hosts of "Top Secret Video" and they give us a preview of what's to come.
Show and Tell - Fire Truck's Here! - 10/26Today's Show and Tell is outside as Tina gets a special delivery from Ju!
Naima MoraNaima Mora joins us and tells us about her program to become a model. It's so good, our very own John Dabkovich puts her tips to the test.
What the Heck is That? - 10/26It's so important to get the right tool for the job, even if you don't know what the heck it is! Randy Aspinall from Emigh Hardware joins us for one of our favorite games, What the Heck is That?
Virtual Sushiology with Mikuni!Preparing sushi yourself is a challenge that requires a master's touch, luckily Taro from Mikuni is ready to show you how it's done! He joins Julissa Ortiz to show you how you can make your own rolls at home!
"Breast Cancer Be Like...""Carrie's Touch" is a nonprofit that provides support and resources for black women battling breast cancer. Tammie Denyse from Carrie's Touch joins Court to tell us more about their new video campaign.
Teen's Tune - 10/26Tina's back! That means we can put "Johnnie's Jams" back in the closet for a month or two. Today's edition features duets!
Exhumed: A History of ZombiesA one-hour special about zombies in popular culture is airing this Friday on PBS, just in time for Halloween! Dr. Emily Zarka joins Courtney and Cody to give us a preview of "Exhumed: A History of Zombies."
Baking KitsTina talks to a local baker and how you can get your own baking kit
Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore joins us and talks to Cody about how she's celebrating Halloween this week on her show, known as "Scarrymore" and more importantly how she adamantly follows Cody's Instagram feed!
Mango CrazyLori is in Elk Grove showing us a new mango shop in town: Mango Crazy

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