Tina is in the studio with Jenna McKaye talking about talking about her traumatic experience with sex trafficking and how it motivated her to start the Jenna Mckaye foundation to help other victims.

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Show and TellCody found a study that puts the visual memory of Harvard undergrads versus that of an African Grey Parrot.
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Dab Can Cook...Fettuccine Alfredo - Part 1So our own John Dabkovich watched a TikTok video (yes, John watches TikTok) about how TRUE fettuccine alfredo only has 3 ingredients. How hard can that be? Here's Part One...
KAST Academy - Kids Summer Dance Camps!Still looking for SOMETHING to keep your kids entertained this summer? Keith and Summer Turk from KAST Academy of the Arts join Court to talk about their Summer Dance Camps!
A Cinderella Carriage...in Sacramento!Top Hand Ranch has added a Cinderella Carriage to their array of Old Sac/Downtown Sac carriage rides! Our own Princess Julissa hopped on and gave us a preview!
5am Club - Member of the DayWe have a special new member to the 5am Club!
Seniors in the Ocho Pt. 2Once again celebrating our local grads!
Bee Hero IIThe people behind Bee Hero are back now telling us about their new tech via Zoom.
Teen's TuneToday's theme is: Songs to play while cleaning the house.
Seniors in the Ocho Pt. 1Celebrating the Class of 2020!
Bike Park ReopensCheck out the reopening of Bike Park in Carmichael with Julissa Ortiz.

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