A high school robotics team has successfully designed a prosthetic hand for an Iraqi war veteran, specifically designed to help him play softball.

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Selling Sacramento: El Dorado HillsLori Wallace is in El Dorado Hills showing us a gorgeous property that is for sale! Check out this Spanish-style home with plenty of space!
Bike Riding Around Lake TahoeAshley Williams is in Lake Tahoe showing us what you can do and where you can go when you ride your bike around Tahoe. See these gorgeous views while you ride your bike and breathe the fresh air!
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Question Of The Day - 6?30We close out a Thursday show with Courtney's Question of the Day: What TV show would you like to guest star on? Stick around and watch all the way to the end for a little more "after the show" fun!
De Juan VaLentine Joins Us!De Juan VaLentine is the first openly gay cast member on the show "90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise." He joins Courtney to talk about the show, and also all of the other projects he has in the works!
Good Day Rewind - 6/30Did you miss a funny moment during the show today? You can find it here! It's the Good Day Rewind!
Court's Tune - 6/30Courtney's here with a Thursday Court's Tune! Today, she has "piano-proficient" artists' music for us to guess, play along with us!
Getting a Sneak Peek at CollegeAshley Williams is at UOP where high school students are getting a preview of university life. See how these kids are making the transition from high school to college.
Trying Out College at UOP!For the last week, hundreds of area high schoolers have been trying out college! More than 350 high school students have received a preview of college life at University of the Pacific’s first-ever Summer High School Institute, Ashley Williams is there meeting some of the students!
Saucey Oysters!If you're at a night market or food festival in Northern California over the next few months, you'll probably find Saucey Oysters! Julissa Ortiz is with Iesha Herrera, giving them a try!
Camp Jr. GuardDoes your teen want to have a Summer job? Check out Camp Jr. Guard at the Elk Grove Aquatics Center! They're training Jr. lifeguards for this Summer and your teen can be one of them!
Sacramento SPCA Pets Of The Week - Meet Brown Butter and Clam!Time for our Sacramento SPCA Pet Of The Week! Today, we have a "perfect pair" of rats names Brown Butter and Clam, and we quickly find out that not everyone in the studio is a "rat person." If YOU'RE a rat person (and we know that you're out there), these two might be for you!
Dorm Room Shopping At Shop HeroicLori's back from Shop Heroic in Elk Grove, showing us some amazing deals for your kids heading off to college!
Shop HeroicAre you looking for a great deal on things to buy? Lori Wallace is in Elk Grove at Shop Heroic and they have the best deals for you! See what you can get and save money!!
DJOTDCheck out today's Dad Joke of the Day
Eat Like RoyaltyAshley Williams is at The Park and Laguna Springs where their executive chef comes from royalty! See how their chef prepares exquisite dishes for the folks at The Park and Laguna Springs.
Question of the DayTina has today's big question 6/29
Trivia ToastCheck out today's Trivia Toast
Icekrimski CafeAre you a big fan of gelato? Lori Wallace has the place for you! She's at Icekrimski Cafe in Davis and see what tasty flavors you can have!
Cleft Palate PuppiesMolly Riehl is in Shingle Springs where a local woman is rescuing, raising and help puppies with birth defects. See how she helps these little creature from the goodness of her heart.
Milo's Snow ConesJulissa Ortiz is in Lincoln with a young entrepreneur. Meet Milo of Milo's Snow Cones! This young man is learning the ropes of running a business and what better way to do it selling snow cones during these hot summer months!
Teen's TuneTina has the hits 6/29

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