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Johnnie's Jams Featuring Director Jonathan MerisIn honor of celebrating the release of "Top Gun: Maverick" today, Director Jonathan Meris selects songs that have to do with flying. Do you know these JAMS?? By the way, GO SEE "Top Gun: Maverick"!!
Show Us Your WingmanIn honor of celebrating the release of "Top Gun: Maverick", we are asking you to show us you Wingman. Check out these awesome pics of people's wingman.
Question Of The Day / Friday Dance Party - 5/27We close out the work week with Courtney's Question of the Day: What is one of your top 5 favorite movies? Everyone answers, and then we dance our way into the weekend! Thanks for hanging out with us this week, we appreciate you watching and participating! Make sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 7 for Good Day Weekend!
Wiki Who? - Top Gun Edition - 5/27John's here with an all (original) Top Gun version of Wiki Who? Today, we have (original) Top Gun stars Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards! Play along with us!
Show And Tell - 5/27There's a puzzle you can put together, and the finished puzzle is a QR code. You can scan that code and be entered to win two million dollars! That's what Cody brings to Show and Tell today!
Good Day Rewind - 5/27If you think you missed a funny moment during the show today, here's where you can find it! It's the Good Day Rewind!
"Masters Of Illusion" - Rob Lake Joins Us!"Masters of Illusion" magician Rob Lake joins us to talk about the show this upcoming weekend, and as always, amaze us with an illusion!
Threads Consignment Boutique - ModestoAngela Castro from Threads Consignment Boutique in Modesto rejoins Cody to show us some things from the store that she picked out for our anchors!
"Not Quite Top Gun" - The Actor's StudioBy now, if you haven't seen the "Not Quite Top Gun" shot-for-shot remake of the volleyball scene from the movie, GO WATCH IT NOW! Then, come into the studio as Courtney interviews three of the primary actors in the video. Also, see never seen before clips and outtakes from the production!
You've Lost Your Mind, TinaSing along.
Trivia ToastCheck out today's Trivia Toast
Threads Consignment BoutiqueLooking for a good deal? We're in Modesto at Threads Consignment Boutique. See what good deals they have for you on clothing and fashion!
Six Flags Sidewinder SafariLooking for a new roller coaster you and the family can ride? Ashley Williams is in Vallejo at Six Flags and she's taking the new Sidewinder Safari on for a ride. See how fun this new ride is and see how you can enjoy their awesome food!
Deal-E-O'sLooking for a good deal on everyday items you can use? Julissa Ortiz is in Auburn at Deal-E-O's and they have deal for you! See what you can get a great prices!
You Lost Your Keys! (Again)We're celebrating the release of "Top Gun: Maverick". And what a better way to do than to serenade our Executive Producer, Tracy!
Court's Tune - 5/27Courtney's here with a Friday Court's Tune! Today, she has songs that make you think of the movie that they appeared in, play along with us!
Dad Joke of the DayCheck out today's Dad Joke of the Day...8-6-7-5-3-0-9
New Ride At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is debuting a one-of-a-kind, combination thrilling family coaster and animal exhibit experience—Sidewinder Safari! Featuring real live encounters with various reptiles, guests will be immersed in a jungle-like setting as they prepare for a wild ride along 1,378 feet of slithering track! Ashley Williams is getting a preview!
Deal-E-O's - AuburnThere a new shop in Auburn getting you the best deal (e-o's)! Julissa Ortiz is checking out Deal-E-O's, a bargain discount store where the inventory changes every week!
Good Day Top Gun Mash-UpCheck out our version of when Maverick races the F 14 Tomcat in the movie Top Gun. Instead of Tom Cruise, we have Cody. And instead of a cool motorcycle, we have a training bike!
"Wannabees" Comic Writer Joins Us!A Lodi man has a published comic book, and he joins Cody to tell us about "Wannabees!'
You Lost Your Love and Keys???Meteorologist Tracy Humphrey lost her car keys. Don't despair! The Good Day quartet is here!
Gary Loesch, Who Worked As Sacramento's Fire Chief, Is No Longer A City EmployeeDetails here: According to a city representative, Gary Loesch is no longer an employee with the City of Sacramento. Assistant City Manager Leyne Milstein has been appointed as the Interim Fire Chief while the city nationally recruits for the position.
Top Gun Volleyball Scene Recreated...(Sort of)We're celebrating the release of the new "Top Gun: Maverick" and what better way to do it than to recreate the iconic volleyball scene from the original "Top Gun"! Enjoy!

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