Tina is checking out the world’s first bra and robe combination for personal or medical use.

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Paralyzed CrossFit Athlete Pt. 2Tresa Honaker didn't give up on life & being an athlete. Instead, she decided to dominate in the land of CrossFit. Ashley Williams is live with her as she trains!
Check This Out Pt. 2Whether it's Highlights' Guinness World Record Longest Hidden Pictures Puzzle Ever Puzzle or a HABA 3D arranging puzzle for toddlers, we'll show you how to properly celebrate National Puzzle Day!!
Paralyzed CrossFit AthleteFrom dancer to CrossFit athlete, this former aerial dancer fell, becoming paralyzed from the waist down. Ashley Williams stops by her CrossFit gym to train with her ahead of the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival.
Check This OutToday is National Puzzle Day!! We found a slew of unique puzzle games to entice kids of all ages to properly celebrate National Puzzle Day
Sing It to MeTina challenges the Good Day crew’s lyrical skills in this week’s round of Sing it to Me.
Dad Joke of the Day: PenguinsCody has a new dad joke to make your kids laugh (or groan) at breakfast this morning.
5 A.M. Club MemberTina announces our 5 A.M. Club Member of the day!
Slap You with Science: Nasa New MissionCody is sharing some interesting science stories in today's "Slap you with Science!"
Question of the DayTina wants to know, if you entered a track meet, which event would you be in?
Show & TellCody is showing us something cool.
Question of the Day Pt. 2Courtney wants to know, what is your usual taco bell order?
Gig Car Share Pt. 2Sabrina Silva is back in Sacramento checking out a new app that lets you rent a car from anywhere you are!
Angel RaLori Wallace is in Lodi, checking out a lifestyle boutique offering unique items that have been found locally and all over the globe!
Taco Bell CantinaTina Machua is in Sacramento checking out the new 21+ Taco Bell Cantina that opens tomorrow!
Gig Car ShareSabrina Silva is in Sacramento checking out a new app that lets you rent a car from anywhere you are! They are even giving away a free month of rentals!
Law-LywoodCraig Ashton from Ashton & Price stops by to tell us about the latest celebrity legal entanglements happening now.
Tomato AlleyTomato Alley Collective is a small retail shop and gallery located on 28th Street that focuses on local specialty foods and local arts. Dina Kupfer is checking out the goods!
Good Day RewindIn case you missed today’s show, here are some of the best moments! Watch Good Day tomorrow morning and don’t miss another funny or outrageous moment!
Just Enough Sports: Astros Hires Dusty Baker and more!Here are the must-know sports stories making headlines today.
Chimulita Food TruckChimulita Gourmet Grub Truck features comfort foods remixed with a twist, and Lori Wallace is in Stockton getting a taste!
Check this OutThe hosts are introducing us to Babaste -- the ingenious accessory every new mommy toolbox needs this year!
Teen's Tunes: One-Hit-WondersTina challenges the Good Day crew to another round of Teen's Tunes.
Bird and Bug Expo Preview Pt 2Sabrina Silva is back in Roseville introducing us to some creepy crawly friends!
Bird and Bug Expo PreviewSabrina Silva is in Roseville getting up close and personal with some birds and bugs!

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