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19th Hole @ Castle Oaks Golf ClubTake a rest at the 19th Hole!
African-American Athletes Hall of Fame.
4th of July Driving StatsSTAY SAFE ON THE ROADS
Van Gogh: The Immersive ExperienceThe West Sacramento location for Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience spans over 27,000 square feet and features a series of museum galleries that provide in-depth detail into the artist’s life, works, and techniques. Several galleries use advanced 4K resolution projection mapping, including the show’s crown jewel – a 10,000 square foot, soaring Immersive gallery where 400 of van Gogh’s works come to life in a spectacular 360-degree light and sound spectacular that has been called a “must see” by media across the U.S.
California Bear Fire PosterEric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin are the husband-wife artists behind 3 Fish Studios and they have raised nearly $140K for victims of California wildfires in the past five years with a print depicting California getting a big hug from the state bear.
We're Just Curious - 7/2What bill do you dislike paying?
CBS13 AM News Update 7/2/22Here's your latest weather and news update from Jordan Segundo and Ashley Williams.
Question Of The Day / Post-Show Dance Party Friday / Good Luck, Briana! - 7/1We close out the work week with Courtney's Question of the Day: Who would you visit if you hopped on a plane? Everyone answers, and at the end Courtney's answer is to visit our producer Briana, who's got a new gig in New York City! We're proud of you, Bri, and good luck! Then, the show ends on-air, but we throw in a post-show Friday Dance Party anyway! Have a great holiday weekend, be sure to tune in tomorrow for Good Day Weekend at 7!
Court's Tune, 10am - 7/1Time for another edition of Court's Tune, in the 10:00 hour! Courtney has songs from the original "Footloose" soundtrack this time, play along with us!
Smack Stacks - Mini Pancake And Waffle Creations!Kimberly and Ariel started Smack Stacks during the pandemic, and now they're ready to cater at your event or food festival! Mini pancakes and waffle pops are their specialty, and they also provide the option to Build Your Own Stack, choosing your own toppings to go on your stack of 15, 30 Or 50 pancakes! Kimberly joins Courtney and John to tell us all about it!
Wiki Who? - 7/1John's here with another...obscure?...trio for Wiki Who? He'll explain...today's celebrities are Liv Tyler, Russell Wilson, and J. Edgar Hoover, play along with us!
Show And Tell - What Kind Of Pie Are We?Courtney has today's Show and Tell, straight from BuzzFeed.com! What kind of pie are you? Everyone takes the test...
Good Day Rewind - 7/1If you think you may have missed a funny moment during the show today, here's where you can find it! It's the Good Day Rewind!
Trivia ToastCheck out today's Trivia Toast!
Michael's NY Style PizzaWe're in Stockton at Michael's NY Style Pizza and they're showing us their delicious pizza as well their tasty dishes! Check it out!
Bacchus House: Wizard of Oz ExhibitJulissa Ortiz is in Folsom at the Bacchus House and if you like The Wizard of Oz, they have a big exhibit for you to see!
Caribe Azul and FireworksLori Wallace is in Elk Grove showing us Food Trucks and Fireworks! See how you can enjoy good food from Caribe Azul while enjoying fireworks this weekend!
All Aboard the Disney Wish Cruise ShipGabe Saglie is here to show us how fun the Disney Wish Cruise Ship is! See how you and your family can have fun on this cruise!
Court's Tune - 7/1Time for a Friday Court's Tune! In honor of Missy Elliott's birthday, Courtney has an all-Missy edition today! Play along with us!
Pipe Dream SK8 Co. - Custom Skateboards!Aaron Sass was stuck at home during the pandemic, so he made a longboard...and the rest, as they say, is history! Pipe Dream SK8Co. was born, letting people design their own longboard that Aaron makes for them! He joins John and Courtney to show off his boards, and to let us know how YOU can order one!
Clear Bottom Boat TourAre you looking to go to Lake Tahoe during the Summer? Check out the Clear Bottom Boat Tour! See the underside of the lake using these awesome boats!

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