Freeze, High Winds Impact Local Almond CropsWind and colder temperatures added insult to injury for almond growers who are still assessing the damage when highs and then lows froze blossoms.
Bee Brokers Bring High Tech To Buzzing BusinessA pair of college buddies made a beeline to build a better beehive.
Driver Accused Of DUI Arrested After Crashing Stolen Vehicle Into Parked Car In West SacramentoA suspected drunk driver was arrested after crashing a stolen vehicle into a parked car during a chase in West Sacramento, police said Wednesday.
I-80 Shooting Suspect Faces Attempted Murder Charges, In CustodyAn Elk Grove man faces two counts of attempted murder for a shooting on I-80 westbound Thursday morning that left bullet holes in a second vehicle. No one was injured.
'Been Going On A Couple Months': Unknown Stench Makes Its Way Through Knights LandingWhat's causing the smell in this quiet corner of Yolo County, and what can you do if your town suddenly becomes a nuisance to your nose?
Getting Answers: What Is The Vetting Process For Substitute Teachers?A substitute teacher is banned from a Clarksburg elementary school after dozing off during his lesson plan. The bizarre behavior comes as more subs are spending time in California classrooms with schools stretched thin by COVID-19 staffing shortages.
Contact Tracing Program Called Into Question After DelaysThis has begged two questions: Are people unknowingly exposing others? And is contact tracing necessary?
Yolo County Hands Out More Home COVID Tests To Those Who Tested PositiveYolo County is handing out free at-home COVID-19 tests, but there is one catch: you need to test positive first to get one. 
Yolo County Offers COVID-19 Home Tests to ResidentsOn Monday, January 10th, Yolo County will begin to distribute free home test kits to residents in order to shorten their isolation periods to less than 10 days.
Man Convicted Of Murder, Attempted Murder In May 2021 Shooting, Crash In West SacramentoA jury this week found a man guilty of second-degree murder for the May 2021 killing of 23-year-old Brenda Jimenez in West Sacramento and the attempted murder of 26-year-old Kenneth Robinson Jr., prosecutors announced Thursday.
Vigil Marking 1-Year Anniversary Of US Capitol Riots To Be Held In DavisOne year later, organizers are preparing for a vigil in Davis that will remember the January 6 riots at the nation’s Capitol.