Local Churches Help Resettle Ukrainians At U.S.-Mexico BorderWhile many flee to other European nations, a small portion is near the U.S.-Mexico border. The federal government reports 272 Ukrainians entered U.S. custody in February.
Consumers Brace For Record Milk Prices As Fuel Costs SurgeThe price at the pump is hard to swallow for consumers who are looking at inflation combined with record-high gas prices due to the war in Ukraine. Groceries have risen 6.5 percent from last year across the board with milk near-record prices.
Local Women's Ministry Packing For Poland To Help Ukrainian Women RefugeesThere was an incredible show of support Sunday as a local women's ministry was packing up and preparing to head to Poland. They're setting out to help women refugees struggling to make it on their own after escaping Ukraine.
'Tears Me Into Pieces': Ukraine Crisis Prompts Local Women’s Ministry To Help Refugees In PolandThe women's ministry leaves next week. They’re holding a fundraiser at their church Sunday to help raise money for the trip.
Getting Answers: Is America Doing Enough To Support Ukraine?Miles away from the frontlines, his group — the Ukrainian American House — is sending humanitarian aid. But he, like so many, believes more can be done.
'This Is A Nightmare': People Struggle To Get Money From California To Loved Ones During Ukraine CrisisKaleb Kirton couldn't sit by and watch his friends slowly lose everything. He’s looking for ways to send financial help to his friends in Russia who don't support the war but are still paying the consequences.
'Dad, I Don't Want To Die': Local Ukrainian Leaves For Home Country To Help Family EscapeA local Ukrainian is packing his bags and not hesitating to head straight towards the violence in his home country. 
'Fighting For Our Freedom': Locals Fear For Loved Ones As War In Ukraine EscalatesAn escalating war in Eastern Europe has affected the lives of hundreds here in Sacramento. The local Ukrainian community gathered on the steps of the capitol, Thursday, to pray for peace as violence continues in Ukraine.
Getting Answers: Why Is Sacramento Home To Such A Large Slavic Population?The Greater Sacramento region is already home to a large Slavic population. Thousands of Russians and Ukrainians started making their way to California dating back to the late 1800s, but what prompted the move and what continues to keep them coming?
Kings' Len Releases Joint Statement With Only Other Ukrainian In NBA On Russia's InvasionSacramento Kings player Alex Len and Toronto Raptors player Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk released a joint statement Thursday on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
'Will They Survive, Will They Not': Sacramento Ukrainians Worry About Family Amid Russian AirstrikesThe Slavic community gathered outside the Capitol to rally for Ukraine in prayer and protest for more sanctions against Russia. In the crowd, dozens of people waited for texts, calls, and updates from their loved ones in Ukraine.